Monday, September 29, 2014

Around the World Blog HOP

I have been invited by Miss Woolie Mammoth herself to participate in the Around The World Blog Hop, so let’s hop to it!

This HOP is a great way to find out about bloggers from all over the world… and we get to see and read about the projects that they are working on!

This post takes you to beautiful Vancouver Island, which is located in British Columbia, Canada.  Thanks for the opportunity to play along! Miss Mammoth, (geeze…you might want to think about changing the name of your blog…heehee) would like me to answer FOUR simple questions~

1.  What am I working on?

Well this SEEMS like a straight forward questions…but unfortunately I seem to have the attention span of a gnat!  I flit from one project to another until they eventually get done!  Each project may take forever but they do eventually ‘get there’!  Right now I am working on…



JAN PATEK’S MODA LOVE’S FREE PATTERN…yeah, the hand applique got finished last night!!


WINTER SOLSTICE…just a peek as it is part of our WINTER SOLSTICE Sew A-Long…and the big reveal is TOMORROW!


This BABY QUILT  just came off the mid-arm on Friday…and it is now ready for the binding…


It’s backed with the softest minkie fabric…soft and cuddly!


And yesterday I cut out the blocks for a pink baby quilt and a blue baby quilt!  Yup…we’re talking twins!  I know…I started off with hexagons…and they are made, I just can’t find them!!  (Oooops…I wonder where I left them?)


And of course there is ALWAYS a WOOL PROJECT on the go…in this case it’s Primitive Gathering’s free BOM from last year…


2.  How does my work differ from others of it's genre?

I don’t think my work differs from others…I see a pattern, I buy the pattern and make it!  I rarely buy a kit as I like to use my stash…I may ‘tweak’ a pattern or I may go scrappy…but I’m pretty  traditional!  I will confess this…I do not own any batiks!!  Just sayin’…

3.  Why do I write/create what I do?

I have ALWAYS crafted…and quilting is simply a craft that grabbed hold of me in a HUGE way and hasn’t let go!  Blogging just seemed to evolve from it!  I think this sign says it well, don’t you?


4.  How does my writing/creative process work?

Well…I have no idea what I am going to write about until I have poured my morning coffee and have savoured the day....there may be an idea niggling at my brain or I may be spurred on by another blogger...or maybe I just bought a new magazine or book that has inspired me!  And if there is NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT, I don't worry about it...I let the day go!  I came to the conclusion that you CANNOT BLOG EVERYDAY and enjoy it.  It becomes a job!  So I am happy if I can blog 4-6 times a week...and the rest is gravy!  And by gravy I mean the contact with my readers!  I love hearing from YOU…but only if you’re in a good mood!  (Just kidding…even when you’re grumpy, I enjoy reading your comments!)

So that’s it…FOUR easy questions and I have completed my first trip Around the World!!

Now I pass the baton to…HUMBLE QUILTS (Lori) who quilts faster than she runs and let me tell you, she runs fast… and far…like in MARATHONS!!  I LOVE everything that she stitches…sheer perfection!! 

I also pass the baton to ShhhDesign (Sandi) who lives on the mainland in New Westminster, BC.  Sandi and her mom are always on the road…visiting any and ALL quilt shops and antique shops in their path!  In fact I bumped into Sandi at a little quilt shop on the Oregon Coast a few years back…she stopped me in my tracks and asked me if I was Sweet P?  Who ME? I tried to deny it…I had on my traveling sweats and looked like HE**…I was so BUSTED!  Hey…I travel in comfort, not in fashion!! :o)  But it’s all good, Sandi saw me at my worse and still liked me!  We continue to be good blogging friends…and there is that little matter of all that eye candy on Sandi’s blog!! YUM!

Both of these ladies will be answering their FOUR questions next Monday, October 6th!  So stay tuned for another episode of…AROUND THE WORLD…

And remember~


Love that poster!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Sounds like a Tag Team Blog Hop! I am with you, I don't like to collect Batiks. It's one less fabric to stash. I don't do Wool either. I like my fabric all COTTON! Thanks for sharing your great news- TWINS!
    I may have read that before, hope the hexagons show up some time soon.

  2. I'm with you on the batiks - none in my stash. And I always lick the bowl!

  3. Wonderful post and always fun to learn new things about my quilting friends.


  4. I love they way you work on multiple projects at a time. I do the same thing. Some get shelved for years but eventually get done. I'm not a fan of batiks either, instead I love beautiful prints.

  5. Good morning Paulette,

    How fun to make quilts for boy/girl twins.

    Thanks for the introduction, now to come up with a fun set of pictures for next Monday's post.

  6. This has been such a fun Blog Hop, getting to know our favorite bloggers a little better! I always enjoy following along with your wonderful projects and whatever else you decide to share with us for the day.:)

  7. wonderful post Paullette day too. it is always nice to learn more about you!!!

  8. Wow! Your Winter Solstice is together?! I just posted my next step. :-o Love all your projects!

  9. Enjoyed learning s bit more about you. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks for asking me to participate!
    I love seeing all your projects! Makes me not feel so bad... lol

  11. so enjoying the blog hop and finding out what makes everyone tick and create the wonderful quilts. So many delights here thanks for sharing and hope those hexies turn up

  12. oh man you have not only made me feel exhausted but I am shamed by how many kits I own!!!

  13. And you bring a smile to me every day that you post! :-)

  14. LOL, Paulette, this is the funniest set of answers to this questionnaire that I have seen! I love that you always speak your mind, and just enjoy what you do. It's very inspirational!