Sunday, September 28, 2014

Heritage Happenings…

Once again…pour yourself a big cup of coffee…put your feet up and enjoy the efforts of the Heritage Quilters!!  This is one group of very talented quilters!  Hope you ENJOY!







A close-up of the hand quilting…gorgeous!!


…and the hand embroidery around the hearts was wonderful too!


We are still enjoying ‘Summer’ here on the West Coast of Canada!  After a gorgeous hot and sunny Summer, we have been  experiencing a beautiful Fall …and today we woke up to another sunny Sunday!!  Doesn’t get any better than this!! Ahh…life is good!

I hope wherever you are, you too are enjoying a Sunny Sunday and of course, finding time in your busy day to do little stitchin’! That goes without saying!  ~P


  1. I don't think your group sleeps.. beautiful eye candy. Thanks for all the inspiration.

    Weather here in No. Ohio has been beautiful too. Wish it would last thru Jan or Feb.. just wishful thinking.

  2. Always wonderful to see what the girls have been up to - wow, I can't even pick a favorite!!! Beautiful hand quilting on that one. Enjoy the weather while it lasts, I know I am - we're having a gorgeous fall here in MI.

  3. So many talented people! We are having good weather too! XO

  4. I like the Halloween witch and cat blocks. Getting to be that time of year.

  5. Lots of fun and beautiful quilts, great show.
    We got a beautiful weekend, wouldn't mind the whole winter being like this, lol.


  6. Great quilts. They are all beautiful. I really loved the blue, black and green, and the very modern stripes, and applique flowers, and the black chicken, and the and the and the......well you get the picture. I just love all quilts!

  7. I went straight to my blog list this morning. What a treat to have a quilt show in front of me.

  8. Enjoy your blog immensely, look forward to it everyday and never disappointed. Thanks! Loved all the quilts, they are such artist. Glad you are having good weather, we too are in a dry sunny fall here too, I am lovin it!
    Hugs, Maggey