Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday’s Special…

First off I need to send a GREAT BIG shout out to Christine who lives all the way over the water in Australia!!  Christine is from ‘Once Upon a Quilt Blog’ and is currently working on the sweetest basket quilt…a quilt that she designed herself!!  She generously offered to share her basket pattern with anyone who wanted it!  You know me…I’m a sucker for baskets…and this one is adorable!!

Thank you sew much, Christine!!  I love it!! Sew what are you waiting for…hurry over to Christine’s and see the adorable quilt that she is making….  She has just completed basket block number 60!! 
If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times…BOGGERS ARE THE BEST!P1190287All right…can anyone tell me.. when does a puppy out grow being a puppy??  P1190304

This use to be a new ball of variegated Valdani perle cotton…$5.50 a ball!!  Grrrrr…

I guess I have to remember NOT to leave my perle cotton box on the foot stool…at nose level!!

Pretty tempting…


AND I guess they DO look a little like her ball…I guess puppies WILL be puppies…even when they are over three YEARS old!!:o}

Thanks for all the feedback on doing the Autumn Quilt’s borders!  You were right…it won’t take as long as I thought!!  (ONE and a HALF vines DONE!!)P1190306

Hey, how did you get to be SEW smart?

Have a Special Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Hi P!
    You are doing amazing with those borders! YOu will be so happy with the quilt when it is done!
    I'm curious, is it a blanket stitch you use or a running stitch? I never would have been that far along, I use a blanket stitch!
    Take care, Leslie

  2. Dogs? Children? Same difference! Neither grow up.. like they say 'Act your age, not your shoe size'..which makes your non-puppy about 21? Ha!

  3. Ah...pups! They do have their moments, don't they? Mine at 10 and 11 have started slowing down.

    Your photo of the Valdani shows how beautifully variegated it is!

  4. I came downstairs one day to a ball of Valdani that looked exactly like that - only mine was light blue! My dog is only two, and has never bothered my thread boxes before, but I left that one on the table and it probably rolled off. I'll bet it was fun while it lasted! At least she didn't eat it - then there would have been a big vet bill, too!

    It's always fun to see your projects - very pretty!

  5. Oh my, Cooper is guilty of this very thing. Sigh! We love them, anyway, don't we? LOL

    You'll have that border finished in no time.

    I love Christine's basket quilt, as well.

  6. That is quite the basket quilt, can't wait to see how yours come out.


  7. Thank you so much for shout about Christine's blog and basket pattern, just want I have been looking for!

  8. what? No garage sales today? I get my 'fix' on your Scores! Ha! Love love those vines. Yesterday I pulled out my 'score' from the SANDS dumpster station of my colourful tri-dish, and my sister in law Louise said "SCORE!", and laughed as she learnt it from you!!!!

  9. Bad puppy...bad bad puppy....

  10. Thank you for your lovely post about my Basket quilt and I can't wait to see what you are doing. Love you Garage sale purchases, well done