Monday, July 16, 2012

Feeling Rusty…

I’m baaaack…and feeling rusty!  Sleeping in this morning didn’t help…so not only am I feeling rusty but I have a fuzzy brain…not a good combination when you want to be funny, witty and entertaining!!

So my week off with the kids was wonderful…the house was FULL…lots of eating, cooking, visiting, shopping and just ‘hangin’!  Oh and we managed to squeezed a few days of camping into the week and ended with a trip to Vancouver!  Needless to say…I need the rest of the summer to recover! 

My ‘dogs’ are still barking…(translation…my feet still hurt!)  I have got blisters on the soles of each foot…and I was wearing my most comfy shoes!  Yesterday I hobbled around here with thick socks and slippers on…and feeling very much like an old lady!

Here are a few highlights of our trip to Vancouver…

After shopping Robson Street ALL DAY we walked to Gastown in the evening… 


What a beautiful part of the city!!  When I was here last (40 years ago) it was very run down but now it gorgeous!


Love window shopping!!


And of course the Famous Steam Clock…


The girls hate being on my blog…but this could be anyone, right?


Love the classic old buildings mixed with the new…


And of course we finished off our walk with the Waterfront…and all the Olympic displays…here’s the torch…(what was the designer thinking??!  OUCH!)P1190247

Yup…it was a perfect day!!


I got ALL EXCITED when I saw this sign… ‘Fabric’!!  FINALLY!  A quilting shop…but alas it turned out to be a BAR!!  Who names a bar ‘Fabric’…unless it’s for Quilters??


Of course I went inside looking for YOU…but alas it was filled with young, hip and happen…non-quilters!!  Sheesh!  Not one quilt shop in Vancouver…and now…not even a BAR for quilters!  What is this world coming to!?

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Welcome back. Missed you but so glad you had fun with your girls....

  2. Glad you are back. Reading your blog with my morning cup of coffee has become part of my daily routine. You were missed, but having quality time with one's daughters----words cannot describe the feeling.

  3. Did you go to Granville Island? The Cloth Shop is now located there.

  4. Too funny about the 'fabric' bar!

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  6. i can so relate to you on the sore feet,,also your fabric bar(store)reminds me of a new store that open up in a mall when I lived in AZ it was called Fresh Produce,,so mw and my daughter went in thinking it was a produce store,,nooooo it was a cloths store..where do they come up with these play on names,,just to confuse us I guess. Glad to have you back,,now rest up..

  7. No quilt shops in Vancouver!!!!! I need to move out and open one!

  8. Got a chuckle about the bar with the "Fabric" sign out front! I would have gotten excited too! I know it's a relief when the grandkids go home and you have your routine back again. Miss them...but....

    Be sure to visit our blog when you have a chance and enter our giveaway for a free primitive pattern book for quilts and hooked rugs.

    Cheery wave from

  9. Sounds like you had a great time in Vancouver but so sad they did not have a fabric shop :-)

  10. A very beautiful old city to visit, love places like that. Funny you, did they name the drinks after quilt patterns, lol.


  11. Everyone needs a vacation, but it was lonesome without you. Welcome back!!

  12. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I've designed and made a pair of pink opal earrings for my latest giveaway. It would be wonderful if you fancied entering

  13. No way, what a tease Fabric is!! Glad you had fun in the city!

  14. Looks like a fabulous place to visit except for the quilt shop omission.

  15. What fun! Hope your dogs aren't barking today

  16. Looks like a wonderful place to visit! I agree...a bar named Fabric? What were they thinking?

  17. Geez I hope your dogs quit barkin' soon, that's no fun, lol! Looks like a fun trip, but no fabric store? And a BAR named fabric? That's false advertising....

  18. Glad you had a good time with the girls. Unusal name for a bar---wonder how many women have wandered in thinking it was a quilt shop. Glad your back, have missed your posts.

  19. I can understand your disappointment, happens to me all the time. But a bar named Fabric is really not fair! They should at least offer a seat and a free drink for all those who came in to buy some fat quarters.

  20. Glad you're back! I haven't heard about "Dogs Barking" for a long time. The thick socks and fuzzy slippers sound like a good thing to relieve them. What were they thinking to not have a Quilt shop in the area? Did you Google to find one? Wonder if the Bar has drinks named for Quilt-y things?

  21. You crack me up! I love the "Fabric" bar. I always thought there should be "sports" bars for women....showing only HGTV and quilting shows on the tv's with big enough tables for everyone to work on projects while they visit. I'd be a patron for sure!

  22. There's no reasoning with the 'Fabric' in crowd.
    The big mystery is: how come them puppies are giving you trouble now with all the training you've done over the winter???????