Thursday, July 19, 2012

‘Folk Branches’…a book review…

OK…let me be honest…my favourite ALL TIME wool book is ‘Wool Crazy’ by JoAnn Mullaly.  I LOVE this book!!  If you are a woolie how could you NOT! 

Notice…my copy has that loving, well worn look about it…that’s always the sign of a good book!


It’s my ‘go to book’ for any wool appliqué ideas.  If I need a tree…or a bird…or lamb this is the book for me!  There are pages and pages of the cutest appliqué ideas EVER!


Sew with this book in mind, I opened JoAnn’s new book ‘Folk Branches’ with my breath held!  How could it possibly surpass ‘Wool Crazy’? 

Well it certainly has eye appeal!  Lovely cover, with a gorgeous quilt and matching pillows…VERY inviting!  AND the book has got the coiled binding..LOVE that!  The book lays flat and doesn’t spring closed!  OK let’s peek inside..

folk art branch

Ohhhh my…there are the famous JoAnn drawings!!  I LOVE the way she sprinkles her drawings all over each page!  Just look at the Table of Contents…can’t you see THAT branch and stars framing a cluster of wool pumpkins sitting on the ground!  Or maybe some flowers and that sweet picket fence…SEE…endless ideas!


I “ohhhed and ahhhhed” my way through the book!  There are patterns for pillows, bags and wallets, table toppers, runners and mats, book/journal covers…JoAnn even shows us how to turn an antique container into an adorable pincushion!  And this is all in addition to the gorgeous quilt on the cover! 


Yup…I’m in love!! 

As for the Folk Branch Quilt…it’s STUNNING! 

Here’s an example of two of the block patterns…IF you are not a Woolie (god forbid!) then you can embroider the blocks…but personally the wool makes them sing!  Just sayin’…and this is, after all my book review…


SEW…there you have it!  Does it surpass ‘Wool Crazy’?  NOPE!  Nothing can surpass THAT book…BUT it sure goes hand in hand with ‘Wool Crazy’!  I predict my copy of ‘Folk Branches’ will get that same dog-eared look!! 

So my prediction is… if you LOVE ‘Wool Crazy’ then you are going to LOVE ‘Folk Branches’!  They go together like birds on a branch…stars in the sky…


Yup, you done good, JoAnn!

{Thanks again, Anne!  You couldn’t have picked a more appreciative winner!!}

Have a Thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P

PS  You can get your own copy HERE!!  AND for only $25.99!!  NOW that’s one heck of a good DEAL!!  And NO I am not on the payroll…:o)


  1. Hey Paulette. I was just checking out "Used Victoria" under sewing and I noticed there is an ad for an estate sale of quilting fabrics coming up this weekend and they mentioned some of the fabrics include Japanese fabrics. Just thought you might be interested.
    Sharon (in Victoria)

  2. Looks as though you are having lot's of fun...great project!!!


  3. I like the lay out and the way she does the designs, those are easier to follow and redo for patterns.


  4. I love JoAnn's sense of style and design, her books are great a definite have to have in my humble opinion.

    Looking forward to see what comes from you first!

  5. I have the book too and love it! just need to find time to make something!

  6. Looks like another great book - congrats on your win!!! I agree, it couldn't have gone to a more deserving or appreciative person!

  7. Congrats on winning this. I get the feeling that you quite like it!

  8. Paulette...I am so glad that you like my new book! Hope you have fun "branching out"....:) Jo Ann