Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Tackling it Tuesday worked…we tackled that flooring one more time…albeit it was new flooring (we returned the other stuff!) and got ‘er done!!  The new sewing room is starting to take shape and looks incredible! 

Hubby amazed soon as we finished putting down the floor, he whipped over to Rona and bought the baseboards and had them all mitered and ready to nail while I made dinner! image

Hmmmm…looks kind of small, doesn’t it?  Maybe we should be knocking out that left wall??…(:o}

So today I am hoping to whip it all into shape!  First I need to paint the baseboards, which should be easy as they aren’t nailed down yet.

Then I can start to move my sewing stuff in…YIKES!!  I thought this would be the fun part but, man, there is a lot of stuff to move!  And I don’t want all the unnecessary crap going back in…you know…things like magazines that you have been saving for a million years!! 

So last night, I started to go through those magazines…and out of about 40 magazine this is what I am saving…(yes, I pulled the patterns out of the magazines and they will go into plastic sleeve covers and put into binders). 

I have loved this quilt for years and years…would you believe..Quiltmaker July/Aug ‘97!


And this one…McCall’s Quilting Vintage Quilts…yup…still lovin’it!!


Just lately I am appreciating the Bear’s Paw block…this is from the same magazine, McCall’s Quilting Vintage Quilts ‘98.


See…do you see an obsession starting…I will file these two together…this one is designed by Kelly Corbridge…(no magazine name or year on the bottom of the page!)


There was no pattern for this bowtie quilt…but it’s from 1994 and it was designed by Shirley Botsford.  I love the way they have finished this bow tie quilt off.


I am filing this one away in the binder that’s labeled ‘Future Grand Babies’…just in case…(Found in Fons and Porter Fall 2007)


This one would be perfect made from all those 30’s fabrics that I bought at Monica’s GS this winter…it’s called ‘Cherries Jubilee’ and can be found in Quilt Magazine (what.. no date!!)  The designer is Karen DuMont.


Be still my heart!!  I have wanted this pattern ever since someone out in blogland made this beauty!!  And here I had the pattern all along or at least from Aug 2003 (American Patchwork and Quilting).  It’s a Jo Morton design…lovin’it!!! 


So from forty magazines, I have a wee stack of patterns…to be sleeved and organized into binders.  I’m liking this…a lot!  Why didn’t I do this YEARS ago?? 


Now I only have about 200 more magazines to go through…and that’s no exaggeration!  But I will get ‘er done because it’s…Whip-it-into-Shape-Wednesday!!  Yeah!

I hope you have your own wonderful Whip-It Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Your floor looks great!
    I also have stacks of quilt magazines, but I love going through them for inspiration. I would tear out the ones I like, but my "likes" change over the years and I would be stuck with the current "likes" forever. I do try to share them with other quilters when I decide I've gotten all the use out of them I can, but I really love my old magazines. You're smart, though. Magazines take up a LOT of good space!

  2. I have tons of magazines as well. I'm actually putting aside some time to scan my magazines into PDF files. Then I can save them all on a CD and browse them at my leisure without them collecting dust. I don't want to grab just the ones I like because, as Linda said, my current likes are constantly changing. I also plan on creating an index for the projects so that I can easily find the project I'm looking for. It's alot of work upfront but then I can just scan the magazines as they come in to keep the listing updated.
    BTW: I have that Vintage Bear's Paw as a downloaded pattern. It's on my to do list!

  3. Your new sewing space will be awesome and your right it's not fun putting all the stuff into it - been there, done that - but it's done and you will love that part lol. I am Karen and I am a magazineaholic - so I get what your talking about. But it's more than just quilting magazines I hoard - decorating, cooking, catalogs lol - and it's time to weed through and sort. I need a good rainy day for that project. Can't wait to see the finished room - the color is lovely :).

  4. Paulette, I probably have just as many magazines. I was a subscriber to American Patchwork & Quilting probably since the beginning. So I have that daunting task to undertake as well. So many patterns I really want to make :-)

  5. Oh my are a worker bee today! I probably have all the same magazines and love the projects on your 'to do ' list! Enjoy the rest of your magazine 'weeding'. Cheers!'

  6. Methinks you're just the inspiration I needed to finally get it together here! My plan for getting organized was to glue my butt to my stitching chair from today until May of 2020. By then I would have finished ALL of my projects and would have nothing left to organize! lol! Seriously... this weekend I will go through my stuff and see what's worth keeping and what's not... :-) The floor looks GREAT! I'm glad you had a previous good experience with the laminate... this way you knew it was the boards being defective. Bear's paw looks like something I could into also. And the last Jo Morton one is on my list of to-do's also. It's in her Prairie Flowers revisited book too... which I have... somewhere... lol

  7. read your post with great enjoyment - loved each quilt pattern you saved. I also picked up a quilt magazine in my sewing room last week and found 3 beauties in it. So enjoyable! Can't wait to see the finished room.I need more shelving for mine but not sure what is best-for now making due with whatever is around - works too.

  8. Ooooh I would like to make the pinwheel and the bearpaw now.... what a time to tell me these patterns are a decade old! Just wanted to run to the shop to get the mag, lol!

  9. The floor came out beautifully and you will love it for your sewing room. It really makes a difference for cleaning up all those scraps and threads we drop on the floor;)

    I need to go through mine too, lots of patterns that I love and plan on doing someday, but not all of them, so good to keep what we want to save space.


  10. Yes, very nice looking floor. You're right, by the time you get everything in there, it won't appear to be very big, but can reach everything easier, and it will be a "step saver", right? I foresee a big bookcase there in the future to hold all of your "pattern binders". Lots easier to deal with than all those magazines...and I should know, just sorted out a bunch of magazines here the other day. Amazing how much you intend to "get to" some day, and it just piles up. Happy Wednesday to you!

  11. What a lovely room! Can't wait to see it furnished. I'm agast that you are brave enough to tear out magazine pages! WOW!

    I have the Jo Morton half done on my design wall, but seeing your photo inspires me to get-er-done! You are always an inspiration.

    I'm still waiting to learn what you did with those bags you had stuffed a few weeks ago....

  12. The floor looks great. I too went through my magazines a couple of years ago. Threw out so many and just saved what I thought I would make some day. Of course, they are piling up again and I need to go through them and purge. I often find that something that I "loved" one year isn't so exciting another year. But I also find some from the 1990's that I really MUST make.

  13. Oh your space will be "sew" lovely!! Enjoy the moving in process and YES be very careful with what goes in, cause it often gets buried under the new projects. At least that's what happened to me when we moved. Then I had to purge again.
    I do the same thing with all the magazines I buy. About once every 3 months I sit down with a BIG mug of coffee and tear out the patterns I really, really love and file them in plastic sleeves in a binder for someday ;)

  14. Yep! gotta do that someday. Nice work! You will enjoy your new space knowing you have cleared some stuff out. Happy New Room!

  15. Once you've sleeved and filed all these luscious patterns
    how in the heck are you going to chose which to begin first?

    Good luck with the rest of the pile.
    love ya

  16. Ohhh, please start the school house quilt soon! I so love that pattern and its on my wish list too. I have never seen the Cherry quilt, but that is gorgous and great colours. I have had a big cull of magazines myself, took them to craft and put on the honesty table for others to buy and raise a bit of money. I did cut out the odd picture of a quilt style that I liked, but from the front index, to go in my notebook of ideas. I had post it noted all the patterns I liked while waiting for DS1 to be born 6 years ago....but like everyone else found my tastes have changed, except for some classic traditional patterns like Churn Dash and School House! Really looking forward to seeing your new sewing space, lots of work but worth it! Happy quilting Sue SA.

  17. How exciting for you!!!Loving the blue on your walls...and your flooring looks beautiful!

  18. I can't wait until the FINAL reveal!

    Please hurry! *wink*

  19. congrats on the sewing room re-do! very exciting! i've been tearing the pages for my favorite projects in magazines out and putting them in sheet protectors and then into binders for years. i love it because then when you want to look through the binder it is chalk full of wonderful (to you) projects without the advertisements!! it's totally worth the time and effort.