Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tackling Tuesday…

The sewing room flooring came to a screeching halt yesterday…we could not get the wood laminate boards to snap together!!  Sheesh…we tried everything but there was always a little gap in the middle of the board!  In the end we decided to stop…and regroup today!!  I think the boards are going back to the store…or at least that’s the way we were leaning last night!  This is our third room at working with wood laminate so we know (sorta’:) what we are doing…


But onto more pleasant thoughts…

How about Quiltmaker’s new 100 Blocks magazine out now…FINALLY in Canada!  All blocks in the magazine are 12” blocks so that you can team them up and change them around and hopefully they will all snap together without any gaps!


Here were the highlights for me…a block submitted from our own Arlene Neely, of Rabbit’s Haven.  Arlene is practically a neighbour, living on Mayne Island just off from Vancouver Island!  Sweet, isn’t it?


Love this coneflower design forming a wreath…by Barbara Cherniwhan of Coach House Designs!  This would be a great focal block…or even one of many!


Now wouldn’t Some-Bunny love this on a wee quilt?!  Adorable!!  Designed by Paula Stoddard.


I do love Churn Dash blocks and this one has been kicked up a notch!! Love it!…by Janelle Noack of Country Matters. 


I really liked the tabs on the side (see the four colours on the left of each page) telling us how each quilt is grouped…this one is orange so it’s been pieced!

I also like how there is a section of Quilting Designs…


…and 40 great tips for quilters like me…who need all the help that they can get!


I also like the sections on how to form cute table toppers or quilts with the blocks!


Yup…for only $7.99 (less if you live in USA) we get a lot of bang for our bucks!  It’s a good thing!

And when I wasn’t reading this magazine or fighting with boards, I have been working on this wee table topper!  I am trying to bang this one off…I NEED a finish!  Have you ever looked at your projects and thought that they were NEVER going to reach completion…well that’s how I have been feeling lately!


I’m sure that once this little guy is finished I will feel better…even if he is only 15 inches square!  It will be a FINISH!!

Now if we could only get that floor finished!!  Geeze Louise…just give me a FINISH!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. How do you mean, there is a gap? They should not be too snug, they need room to expand. We have done laminate and wood, the laminate is nice for the kitchen and basement rooms.

    I was lucky, I did win a copy, and i love the bunnies.


  2. Are you going to make a rug for your new floor, or maybe find one at a garage sale?

  3. I so want to re-do my sewing room and put down laminate. Working on cleaning & organizing to do it. Maybe I should hire you guys to come teach me how to lay it, next winter. Hmmm. Will I have an organized sewing room by then? With much luck, I'll have it done.

    Great post. I'll definitely pick up this issue.


  4. glad for this post! A DYI'r I am not! I guess this looks like a book I am going to have to have...oye vey...tell me when it will stop, this need to possess everything????!!!!

  5. I predict that this week will be full of finishes! I'll wave my magic wand in your direction. LOL

  6. Love your little topper. Also love the look of homespuns with the large stitches. I also bought the book as soon as it crossed into Canada. Some great blocks!

  7. That looks like a book that would be great to have in my library! I rearranged my sewing room... and still have a mess. I hope you have your creative spot finished soon!