Sunday, May 27, 2012


So my plan for Garage Saling in Duncan went out the window yesterday!  Yes, the plan was to go to the Church GS across the highway and then head to town…Never happened!  There were just too many GSs out this way and then I ran out of $$!!  NOW that rarely happens!  Garage Saling is like gambling…when you run out of money you STOP!  It’s my rule! (…unless of course, it’s a Quilter’s Garage Sale then all rules are out the window!)

So I bet you want to see the LOOT!  Now keep in mind that I don’t NEED any of this junk…but…I can use all this stuff easily.:o)

Here’s all the stuff in the foyer!!  All I can say is, it’s a good thing hubby was still in Winnipeg!  I could just see him rolling his eyes and shaking his head…but you know what they say ‘When the cat’s away, the mice will go GSing!’


Let me break it up for you!  Now you have to use your imagination for some of these things…like this bulletin board!  I know it’s got race cars and ugly ribbon on it…BUT the bones are there…I can recover it and put some nice ric rac on and I will have a gorgeous BB for my sewing room!  Can you see it?  $1!!


Jewelry…for  the beads to re-do or to wear as is!!  A little disinfectant and they are good to go! P1180700  A sewing ‘mystery’ bag…for $1…should I take a chance?  You bet…the stuff I don’t need can go to the Share Table at the Guild! 


All for a buck!!


The thread in the ziploc can be used…the other thread can go into a pretty glass jar for eye candy!!  Love the old vintage wooden spools!!


LOOK at the bag of old buttons!!


Here’s a sampling~ SCORE!!


Also inside the mystery bag were these mystery clips~ I have no idea what they are for…they look old and have measurements on the side…


My guess is that they are used for hemming…and you use the measurement when you turn up the hem…??  Now this is just a guess…do YOU know what they are used for?


So I think I got my dollars worth…and a large bag is going to Heritage!!

Love this birdhouse…with a Saskatchewan license plate for a roof!  The man wanted $15..I offered $10 and we settled for $12!  GSing is so much fun!!  It’s quite large and will look great out in the garden (after I weed it!!!)


A huge bag of warm and natural batting…for $1.  This stuff will be perfect for making practice sandwiches for machine quilting!P1180704

Four vintage rulers…and yes, I have a project in mind!! 


A pair of brushed steel lamps and a matching overhead swag lamp.  They need to be dusted…but got all three for $8 total ..they threw in the dust for free!!

And a pair of brand new (my style) jeans for $2!! (see the corner of them!)


These shirts were all 50 CENTS each…and were going to be added to my shirting bin!  That is until I saw that the pink one and the dotted one on the right are female shirts and look dang cute on!  SCORE!         P1180717

So there you have it…this is the small stuff!  Today hubby (yes he got home last night…after EVERYTHING was put away!) and I will take the truck over to one GS place to pick up the BIGGER THINGS!  NOW I remember why I use to drive a van!!  His words…  “NOOOooooooo!!”  Geeze louise…and here I thought he’d be happy that I stayed busy!! haha (Will show you those things at another time!) 

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. WOW!!! What a haul of goodies and that bag of sewing bits, Yeowza!!

  2. I think you might have outdone your self at garage saleing yesterday. I guess the pressure of not having hubby around really set you free.

  3. Awesome finds! Love all the sewing stuff for $1.
    Can I borrow the hemming clips? I have to hem Kassidy's Kilt, they would be perfect, wouldn't have to put pins in the fabric.
    Heading north tomorrow! And a stop at Joann's on the way.

  4. Sounds like Rick got home just a little bit too late!! Oh well, put him to work hauling all the rest of that loot...he can pretend he's a pirate (looting...get it?):))

  5. There is not doubt about are a garage sale genie!

  6. Well, when you said you were going GSing yesterday, I couldn't wait to see what you'd looted. You got the goods!

  7. Love all your stuff!! Great finds!!

  8. Wow you rocked the GS! I say why spend $50 when you can spend $.50! No GS for me this weekend but last weeked I got a new stainless steel patio lantern from Williams Sonoma for $1!

  9. Wow girl, you really found some great bargains!!

  10. Definitely a great haul! I've got some of those same clips from my great aunt's sewing basket and when I asked my readers about them, they all said used for hemming, so I think you're right!

  11. OHHHHHHH MYYYYYY GOSH!!!!! I am over here with my heart racing...what awesome stuff.

    My husband won't let me garage sell until we leave here....

  12. OK, that's it, I am coming to Vancouver Island to go garage sale shopping with you!! Obviously I need to spend a little more time looking when I go to garage sales!

  13. Lots of great goodies and great items to make into new ones.


  14. Wow. Great stuff. I searched and found a number of those Chadwich hemmers on Ebay. Then I found this site and if you click the top picture you can read the instructions.

    They look like a great tool.

  15. Just how big is your house, girl!!!! You find the best stuff....awesome scores!!!

  16. I have had those hem clips ever since I was a teen. I made all my clothes in high school. If you ever want to get rid of them, throw them this way. Sounds like you had a great time while hubby was away.

  17. Living here in the boonies, GS is not an option, so with that said, I am so envious! Good stuff!