Saturday, October 8, 2011

I NEED a Butler!

Well the hard part is done!  I finished cutting and placing the rest of the Autumn Quilt she is ready for stitching which is the FUN part!  Yahoo…this Snow Bird can leave anytime!!  Throw some capris and sandals in the RV and let’s blow this pop stand!! 

Isn’t it funny…I have to get the sewing stuff packed and ready FIRST before I can pack the essentials!  I mean you can buy food and clothes down there…but your quilting stuff you NEED!

So back to the Autumn Quilt…I am using wool appliqué on mainly textured Japanese cotton background fabric.

This is bock 9…


  Blocks 10 and 11 (I put them together because the vine spills over into the next block…)P1150747

And block favourite block.  Wouldn’t you know that I would run out of Roxanne’s glue…half way through this block!!  Sheesh… oops one of the circles slipped…(I use a few dabs of Roxanne’s glue in the middle of each wool piece to adhere it to the fabric…works like a charm so no pins are needed!)


Now that the hard part is over I need to store these blocks…

ENTER Sandi, a blogging buddy!  Yesterday, I mentioned that I wasn’t sure how to store these blocks as they are large (15” square).  Many of you suggested a pizza box which is a great idea…BUT look at what Sandi suggested..a Block Butler!!  She even sent me pictures to show YOU!

Sandi’s friend Ethel made this for her and Sandi says it’s the perfect thing for carting around those large blocks.  There are little elastic clasps on both sides (see on the left and right..little loops that go over the buttons). They  hold everything tight so there’s no danger of shifting or things falling out! 


Sandi’s Block Buster is 20” square and lined with a brushed cotton or flannel.  There are ties at the top and as you can see from the open picture the gusset is about 2” wide.

October 2011 004

Is this not perfect!!  Thanks so much, Sandi (and Ethel) for sharing this idea with us!  I have always wanted my own Butler…think I’ll be calling mine James (said with an English accent of course).

Which reminds me…


It’s time for our monthly, Christmas Quilt A-Long with Shakerwood Cathi and Quilt Times Sue!  I’m joining in…but I will be sewing in between making pies, broccoli bake and Sweet Potato Supreme…think Thanksgiving dinner…tomorrow! 

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I should have thought of that! I have a rolled up block butler that I used to use. Made with a tube from a roll of paper towels and a piece of 15-20 inch sandwiched or quilted fabric. It is rolled up and tied with ribbon. I like the idea of a stiffer one. What did they use to stiffen it? Blogging quilters are so helpful.

  2. I love those blocks and really is a good idea to cut them all first, then be able to sew on them when you want. I do that for some things and buy the plastic boxes from walmart, they are somewhat square and you can get them in different heights so the thinner ones are perfect for smaller projects.


  3. Like Mary above, I too made a block butler from a tube - mine from a mailing tube. I made it too small for a lot of the blocks I take on the road AND when I roll, it shifts the pieces from their intended location. I'm going to try one like Ethel made for Sandi! Happy Thanksgiving Canadian Paulette!

  4. I love block butlers, I have a pattern from Cheryl Goss at Willowberry Designs that I still need to make. Your blocks look wonderful!!

  5. Your quilt is going to be beautiful:) What is your method to keep the applique in place? Do you use Steam- a-Seam and Roxanne's glue.
    Thanks Lona

  6. I'm dying to know if that is a pattern that's available for purchase? Or is it a BoM? Or is it your own original design? :D Enquiring quilty minds just have to know if they can get their hands on this pattern! Your blocks are gorgeous! That block butler would be ideal to hold your prepped blocks---are you in there whipping one up while the turkey is baking? ;)

  7. Loving your blocks - that pattern is on my to do list for next year. Having them prepped and ready to go is the hardest part - way to get it done. And what a great idea for carrying around those blocks. I'm one of those plastic box from Walmart people - but this is so much prettier. Happy Thanksgiving

  8. Now I know what I need to shop for at the quilt show next Friday. I don't have any flannel to make my block butler with. Thanks for the info. Glad that you are ready to travel down South now.

  9. Hi Paulette,

    Your blocks are looking lovely.

    Glad you liked Ethel's idea of the block butler.

    Ethel used end cuts of framing mats to keep the butler light weight. You could use the plastic corrugated cardboard or form core as an alternative.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Happy Turkey weekend.

  10. I love the way the wool looks against the Japanese fabrics...such a beautiful combination! maybe Sandy could just make us one!

  11. I think a tutorial is needed! :-)) Love the block butler idea. Have a happy day!

  12. Great work Paulette-it's going to be stunning!
    love the idea of the block butler-just might have to make one too:))

  13. Sounds heavenly at your house can I come for a smidge of pie?

  14. Your blocks look great!

    Have a great weekend!

    God bless and keep you,

  15. Hi Paulette....I love the blocks. I'm just about to start my first wool project...a candle mat from Cath's Pennies Design. I noticed that you traced all your pattern pieces onto steam a seam but mentioned using roxanne's glue to keep them on the background. Can I use steam a seam on wool and then iron onto wool? Hope you don't mind the questions. I love to come and see what new projects you are doing.


  16. What a clever idea to have your personal butler to carry your blocks. You mustn't call him by his first name though, you call him Mr Brown (unless his name is Smith!)

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  17. Paulette, your fall quilt is adorable. What was the name of it? Somehow I missed that. Thanks

  18. Loved the fall wool quilt.....and the block butler what a great idea. I think I might try my hand at making one.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving......

  19. Your blocks are awesome and I love the "butler"! Yes, You need that for your travels!!

  20. Happy Thanksgiving!! Just found your blog..I LOVE IT!! Guess I'm mising something , where can I get the pattern for the totally awesome "Autumn Quilt"??