Monday, October 24, 2011

FREE Triangles!!!

Here’s the deal…You can go to your local Quilt Shop and BUY these Triangles on a Roll for about $10-15 a roll…



You can print these off for FREE!!  Yup you heard me…and they come in all sizes…for FREE!


Just go HERE to Quilting and Whatnot, and download…

Thank YOU Quilting and Whatnot for doing this for us!!  I have been hunting for the 1 1/2” Finished HST Triangle forever…and now I have it!!  (Now if I could only remember the pattern that I NEED it for!  Yup she’s sharp as a tack…a very rusty, bent, old, tetanus giving tack…:o)

Have a Marvelous Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Great link - thank you so much Paulette!

  2. Made me chuckle. I asked my friend. who had a lot of black flannel that she wanted to use up, if I could have about a 1/4 metre. She had a small package of other things and the flannel ready the next time I saw her. I can't remember what I wanted the flannel for now. I have no clue. Oh well.
    Thanks for the link for making triangles.

  3. Thanks for the hot tip! I always say, I've got a mind like a steel sieve!

  4. Thanks for sharing that link!!!!!

  5. Thanks for the link, it was very helpful. Loved looking at the paper piecing sites too.

  6. Thanks Paulette for the link. As well I meant to mention how exquisite your hand work on this mug rug is. take care

  7. Thanks for this link , wish I had it a week or so ago ;-)

  8. Here is another link:

    I bought this downloadable program for $14.95. It lets you print HSTs for fininshed size squares from 1" to 7", in 1/8th inch increments. It pretty much saved my sanity when I was doing the Civil War Tribute quilt.

    I like the tip for buying dollar store paper too.

  9. Wow, thanks for the link. I didn't even know these existed. I'm used to measuring and marking these by hand and it's a pain!