Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Three Dollar Thrift Shop Find…

Yes, Santa is alive and well and living in your nearest Thrift Shop…and look at what he had for me!!

I know it doesn’t LOOK like much… P1150625

BUT there are a million of each stripped block..plus a stack of left over strips…


Hmmmm…what to do with them??

P1150620  Well there is always the old standby Split Rail…perfect to make several baby quilts…throw a little appliqué on the sides…hmmmP1150622Or perhaps I can fiddle around and see what the GO! can do with these blocks……I do have that Equilateral Triangle that I haven’t used YET…

Moral of the story…never poopoo a Thrift Shop…you just never know what’s waiting for YOU!!  And for ONLY $3!!

Ohhhh and speaking of WAITING FOR ME…Look what was waiting on my foyer step!! (while I was at Heritage Quilting, Hubby got the call from the Sewing Centre that Jan was all better, so he whipped down to Victoria her pick it up!!  SEW Sweet of him!!) Yup, Jan is back and in the peak of health!  For under $100 I now have a well lubed and oiled sewing machine AND bonus~ out of Bobbin Winding Mode!! Although she isn’t a Janome Horizon (LOVE those machines!) she is ALL mine and ready to turn those blocks into something MAGNIFICENT!!  Yikes!  Feisty isn’t she! 

Hey do you see my Sewing Bag behind Jan…??  It’s the bag that I take to Heritage…


Ohhhh my…a perfect fit!!!  I never thought of making Jan her own chubby bag!!  Maybe a few inches taller…and out of something sturdier…maybe denim or upholstery fabric?  BUT it’s that darn fusible fleece…it’s so expensive!!  (Would you believe that it cost almost $30 just for the fusible fleece to make this bag?  I need something cheaper…but what?….Any ideas out there in Blogland??)


Sew another PROJECT!!  There is no end to them…:o) 

Hope you are working a great project…and have a long list of projects on the back burner!!  It’s what keeps us young and moving..after all quilters DO live to be 100+!  They have too!!  Too much fabric and too many patterns not too!!  SEW keep stitching! 

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Almost nothing makes me happier than those thrift store finds! You will have fun with those blocks. I'm glad your machine is no longer winding bobbins and is ready to sew again!

  2. Wow.....what a find. I thought I did well finding 66- 5 inch squares for $2.00. I love to find stuff like that. You will have to show us what you make with them.

  3. Love your thrift store find!! I was thinking of your fusible fleece dilemma, and thought.....you could just use regular batting with 505 spray. I like to use the polyester batting from Fabricland. It's thicker than the warm and natural batting....much more sturdy and with the 505 spray, you can fuse it! Much cheaper. You could make a lot of bags with this fleece and spray. Just a thought!!!

  4. I have 2 Janome's. One of them is the Janome Gold (my portable machine). Love them both but the Gold fits perfectly in the Vera Bradley bag. The plus is that it zips up and the quilting on the bag protects it. Your snowman quilt is so stinking cute!! On my to do list. Thanks again for your inspiration.

  5. I never look down on goodwill stores...in fact, I cloth my entire family there. I have a small budget and finding name brand clothing for $1-3 is a blessing!

    Glad your machine is back. Do you use 50% off coupons on the fleece? that's the only way I buy interfacing...is during Joann's 50% off sales or with a coupon. They have it on sale quite often, so thankfully I can get it for around $3.50 a yard.

  6. I echo your comment about the fusible fleece - I love the stuff but it's so expensive I need to find an alternative. I'm wondering about buying a nice sturdy fabric and using fusible on both sides of it, or on one side if you only fuse to one side. Do you think that would be any cheaper? And would it work? blessings, marlene

  7. You are a bargin hunter queen,wow what great a fine!
    I agree with the earlier comment re basting spray. I have only used the spray twice, but happy with the results. You must use it outside though AND definatley not in a small space like the campervan. On small items I only spray the backing to the wadding and then pin (not safety, just normal quilters long pins) the top to the front. I do this because its quicker...you have to let the basting spray dry before quilting and I am impatient/in a hurry cos the kids are out of the house!

    I am obsessed with sewing all my wadding scraps together (butt edges together and zigzag stitch on machine) and using them for bags, placemats and other small items - particulary those that i can machine quilt relatively heavily. I figure that I save all my material scraps, so I should use every last bit of wadding as well!
    I have also used visafix (I think you call it steam a seam) to attach fabric (admittedly not pieced) to wadding in the past. However that was before I was an experienced quilter and knew there were other options eg dare I say hand basting!
    I have a sewing machine trolley bag....and then stuff LOTS of fabric and tools in around the machine...leaving my hands free and wheel it into class...just love it! Happy quilting Sue SA.

  8. I would just use batting. Add fusible if you want, but not needed as it's quilted. If you need come something solid for the bottom, pick up one of those flexible cutting mats from the dollar tree and cut it to size.

  9. Perhaps the fusible fleece would be a bit cheaper in the U.S. And since you're leaving shortly, and with your luck, I'm sure you'll find something. Another great score at the thrift shop. I think the way you have the blocks laid out will make a sweet baby quilt. I actually have some of that fabric with the tiny hearts on it. I think I bought it when I first started quilting 14 years ago. I was in love with hearts then.

  10. Good eye P and so happy to see that your best friend J is back home where she is the happiest!

  11. Your thrift store find reminded me of a story. A few years ago I had a tantrum and took plastic boxed of neatly wrapped floss on little floss cardboards...you know what I am talking about...at the next Fabric Stalkers gathering a member said looks at what I got for a dollar! yep...my floss boxes! lol

  12. Great thrift store find! Glad that Jan is back. Happy sewing.

  13. That was a good find in the thrift shop.

    I'm glad Jan's back with you, now I guess she's looking forward to her holiday too.

  14. When I saw the sewing machine case, I thought you got a new machine!

  15. I love the Pellon fusable fleece. I think its 987 or something like that. I like the idea of using the 50% off coupon at Joann's. But last time I was there they only had the heavier fleece. I bought a package (45 x 60") piece for $7.00 from Fabric.com. That's a good deal. Most stores sell for 7.00 per yard and it's only 44" wide.

  16. Hello Paulette, what a wonderful find you had at the thrift store, you are going to have so much fun. The blocks look great cut into triangles, wonderful work. Glad you got your machine back, I just know you where missing it like crazy. Mandy x

  17. Fusible fleece? Don't need it. use up your batting scraps and use the 505 spray. Works like a charm and its almost free!, Marilyn

  18. why fusible if you are going to sew it anyway? I agree with the 505 spray...love that stuff for putting together my quilt tops and bet it would work well for securing fleece to fabric