Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall may be here…

…but you would never know it from our weather…it’s been warm and mostly sunny, nicer than we had in July!…So yesterday we took advantage of this gorgeous weather and hiked up Cobble Hill Mountain. 

The maple leaves are falling mainly because August and September have been so hot and dry…


This looks like a country lane but it is really the beginning of our trail …it’s a fairly steep hill but it’s so pretty in here that you hardly know that you are climbing…when you get to the top of this hill you turn right onto a smaller path that traverses up the mountain.

This is by far my favourite place to hike…It’s always cool and shady under the rainforest…


After an hours hike this is what is waiting for you at the top!  A perfect place for a picnic!  Gorgeous!


It takes over two hours to complete this hike and I love every moment of it!  Ahhh…ain’t retirement grand!

On the Sewing Front~

Although I AM missing Jan (my Janome) I am keeping busy…

I have cut out all the Autumn Quilt Steam a Seam Lite…only to realize that I need more green wool…WAY more green wool!!  P1150577

This quilt takes a ton of green wool!  Just look at all the vines and leaves…P1150576

So I pulled some neutral wool out of my stash and some Olive Green Gaywool dye and look at what I cooked up…


If you can boil water then you can dye wool!  It’s that easy BUT way more fun!  And I LOVE my new pot…which I found in a FREE box at a Garage Sale…(My motto is..never poopoo the FREE box!!)  This pot is huge…it’s an old wok and perfect for this job!! 


Now let me show you the before and after pictures….  Please keep in mind the colours are much deeper in REAL life…

This was a lady’s skirt…

P1150562  A sleeve from a jacket…P1150571P1150564 P1150565 P1150566 P1150567 P1150568

And here they are together…all of these are a deep rich green…even the middle one and top one…for some reason the camera picked up the lighter tones!

P1150569   So now I am all set to iron on the Steam-A-Seam Lite and start cutting out the pieces!! 

Yes, the leaves will be off the trees before this project is done but that’s OK because by then I will be sitting under a palm tree sipping a fruity drink!  Ahhhh…I can see it now….:o)


Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Oh my goodness, your trail reminds me of where I used to ride horses in WA State and North/South Carolina. Nothing like that here in SE AZ, I miss that trail riding.

    Your wool project looks fun!

  2. That is a beautiful place to hike and relax. A lot of our trails look like roads, think they were at some point;)
    Wonderful dying, perfect for your projects.


  3. Love seeing your dying results Paulette - so many shades and textures!!

  4. What an awesome place to hike and so close to home too. Sure wished my hubby would go walks with me(he has bad knees). Lots of work to your wool project but it will be another 1st place winner when you are done!

  5. What a way to make good use of the Free pot and your dye this time. So many varied greens in there. FALL may come, but it's been hotter here in WA state too so it's ok! I'm just not ready for the Christmas rush...

  6. Hi Paulette!

    WOw your new wool quilt is going to be amazing! Have you ever kept track of the hours it takes?

    PS: Dexter started on October 2 :D


  7. You are so creative! The greens you dyed are fabulous!!

    I love your hiking spot too. So beautiful!

  8. Beautiful views from your hike. Such a lovely location!
    It's very interesting to see the different effect of the dye on each fabric. What a great collection of greens to have for your quilt.
    Good luck.

  9. Love the green dyed fabric. They look so pretty. Great job!

  10. What a beautiful place to live and have that trail close by. :)

    Awesome job on the dyed fabrics!

    God bless and keep you,

  11. Great pictures!!! I love BC and your pictures make me want to go back again. I love your wool. As a traditional rug hooker I want to scoop it up and run home with it LOL!

  12. Beautiful hike and lovely wool - I thought of you Saturday as I went through the Sewing Expo, lots of wool around this time!