Friday, October 30, 2009

Welcome to….

image In January we will be packing up the 5th Wheel and ‘snow birding’ to sunny Southern California for three months.  I was on the net checking out potential quilting stores to visit and I stumbled onto this gem! This store is a quilter’s dream….you must visit!  If you go to Simple Pleasures (Sept 26th) you get to see the shop through Lea’s camera!  Thanks, Lea for taking us on a most enjoyable journey through this store.  When you are finished at Simple Pleasures then click on The Country Loft and you can go to nine years of Quilt Shows hosted by this shop….just click on their side bar…Quilt Shows and you will see tons of eye candy!!  (At the top there are little quilts with the various years- click on one).  Lovely stuff! This shop is located about an hour and a half drive from where we will be staying… ideal day trip!  My husband is going to be  SO thrilled…… ;o) !!!

On the quilting front:  Guess what I have been doing…..


  Yup!  Making a mess… order to make….


…. these….. holly leaves to appliqué on….



Stay tuned….

Have a fun Friday and Happy Quilting! 


  1. I live close to the country loft. You are going to love it. I am usually out there every week for a class or to visit the girls.
    It is the most relaxing place ever.
    I have a 17 year autistic son so going to the loft is better than a day spa.

    kim from san diego

  2. You're going to have so much fun - I'm a little envious. LOL I've tried hard to get to The Loft - Sigh!

    Hey I'll come see you and we can make the drive together! :-)

  3. You are going to love Country Loft. I'm about an hour from there so I don't get down there often, but I have left them a lot of my money when I have been there! If you have time, check out Fat Quarters in Vista too, it's about 40 miles north of Country Loft.

  4. Three months in the sun, I could go for that;)
    I hope you have a great trip and take photos of your trip so we can enjoy it with you.


  5. Have a wonderful trip! Looking forward to hearing all the stories of your travels.
    Some very cool Christmas stitching happening. Love the colour combinations.

  6. Thanks for the preview of the quilt shop. Looking forward to seeing what you end up purchasing there. Also looking forward to seeing what you do with the holly leaves.

  7. Well, I think it's so thoughtful of you to plan your daytrips in advance so that hubby has time to get out the maps, set the satnav, get the car sorted out etc in advance. The shops look great and I'm jealous. The holly looks good and I'm looking forward to seeing what you're doing with it.

  8. ooooohhhhhhh, that's going to be awesome!!! And I love a quilt with a white background! And all those little candycanes around the border!
    That's a totally great idea to look up quilt shops for your trip! I need to do that the next time I go somewhere. Do you have any ideas on how I can convince my husband to stop though? lol!

  9. It looks like you have an interesting project to work on and to show us ......