Monday, October 26, 2009

All Day Sew-win…..

Whoop-tee-doo!  I won!  I won! Yes, I FINALLY won a give-away (and no… Claire’s ‘give-away’ doesn’t count! Although I did love my gift from her a lot!! :o) )  I won this lovely charm pack from Marj on Eclectic Quilter!  It’s called Heaven on Earth and it really is lovely….reminds me of Spring on this rainy Fall day… Thank you very much Marj!  I am thrilled!


Yesterday was a wet, cold and rainy day on the coast….but I was warm and snug sewing up ‘a storm’…(get it…)  So what did I get done….well I completely finished off the Fall quilt-got the binding on and stitched. Whew…it still Fall and it’s finished!!  That’s a first!  Then I couldn’t decide where to put it…

P1030511Kitchen?  orP1030521 Living room?… P1030512 Kitchen won…for now!

Then I worked on the Ball Jar Penny Rug.  I took two steps forward and one step back as I burned the bottom right corner of the jar-OUCH!….is that the smoke detector I hear….?  Ahhh, nothing like the smell of burnt wool…. P1030526 P1030525

I  learned a valuable lesson here….use a pressing cloth and steam iron!  See we do learn from our mistakes.  So I cut out a new jar and proceeded from there.  I still need to sew on the buttons, stitch more babies breath, finish the crow and then start the pennies.


I am not going to put on tongues…I like pennies better.  Tomorrow I will show you a neat trick to make pennies…wool ones, that is….whew almost had the Canadian Mint breathing down my neck.  I can tell you one thing….I wouldn’t be wasting my time making real pennies…. although our Canadian dollar is up!  

I also cut out the binding for my snowball quilt and got it stitched on….Whew!  I feel like I am back in Kim’s Finish It Up in August Challenge!  YIKES! 

Have a magical Monday and Happy quilting!


  1. You have been getting a lot done and I like the quilt on the table, good idea. Congrats on the win, fabric is always a nice prize, then you can enjoy using it to make something beautiful.


  2. You are on a roll Paulette and the quilt does look perfect on the kitchen table and congrats on the next question what are you going to make out of your win??

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! Gosh this post makes me so happy! To see the work you got done YOU are on fire! and at the same time you are too cool for words!. Love the quilting on the table, it looks fab.

  4. Busy girl ! That is a great quilt .

  5. Congrats on your win - that fabric is very pretty! Love your quilt, I like it on the table like that - and how nice to have a fall finish in the fall, lol!
    Can't wait to see your penny rug!

  6. What a busy day. The quilt is great and obviously very versatile, it looked good wherever you put it.

    Congrats on a win, I wonder what you will do with it?

  7. Congratulations on your win you deserve it
    Love the quilt & you are getting a lot done
    Hugs Janice