Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Fair Fun!

On Saturday I went to the Fall Fair at the local Anglican Church.  I have been going to this Fair since my daughters were little and it is even bigger and better now. (the Fair not the girls!…although the girls are bigger and better…hmmmm). They have a Garage Sale section and of course I found some bargooons.  In the clothing section I found a few wool jackets for felting (whoopee- orange ones for making pumpkins!) and other miscellaneous items (I mean it WAS fill a bag for $4.00 so I just HAD to fill it!  Sheeesh…)

I bumped into some of the hand-quilters from my Wednesday group and they pointed me to the Arts and Crafts section (church) and I found many of the quilts that we quilted and some we didn’t.  Here is Anthea- she made this Irish Chain quilt and hand quilted it at home-just lovely and very Irish, don’t you thing?


Signey shocked me.  I was admiring these hooked rugs (I think that is what they are) I just love them.  My photos do not do them justice!  They are gorgeous- very vibrant and striking colours.  Then I see that they were made by Signey, a fellow quilter….who knew?  Good for you, Signey!  Beautiful job!

P1020975 P1020976 P1020977

This pillow was very lush, vibrant and rich.  Definitely my favourite….in fact it would look fantastic on my green couch…..


Kathleen crocheted this lovely cream coloured afghan.  Lovely….again, who knew that she crocheted!  All these hidden talents…


Marion made this quilt before I joined the group.  It was lovingly hand quilted by the group and I am told it took months and months to finish.  P1020983  I can see my two dogs stretched out on this pristine  white quilt….in their dreams…!  YIKES!  You know how dogs are….they’re dogs!




Finally this quilt looks like the artist painted (using wax resist would be my guess?) every fish.  Each square was a work of art.  Just gorgeous!

So I had a lovely day –oh I almost forgot the best part-  I met up with some of the ladies and we went to the dessert and coffee tent!  Desserts to (almost) die for! The cemetery was in full view…so you had to watch what you said! I think they positioned this tent here on purpose….so that you would look at the headstones and then the desserts and think …. to heck with the diet- I could die tomorrow!  Hey, it worked for me! Delish!

It’s a good thing-

Jenny of Elefantz has ANOTHER  give-away!  Would you believe she is celebrating having 500 followers!  Wow, I would be nervous writing for 500 quilters!  Yikes…after all what do I know and why would they want to read me?Jenny on the other hand, has a wonderful blog.  Her designs are lovely but it’s not just that…you can tell that she is kind, thoughtful and she has a great sense of humour and it all works together…oh did I mention that she is a great quilter, does beautiful work and has an eye for colour.  The woman is perfect in my books!  Oh…AND did I mention that she has FANTASTIC GIVE-AWAYS!!  Go and check it out! 

Have a marvelous Monday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Ooh I love going to fairs! The quilts are beautiful, I am working on an Irish Chain myself. I love the wholecloth, great design.

  2. That was a lovely fair, thank you for sharing. I would have loved it, including the desserts.

  3. What a lovely fair. I too would have loved it. Next weekend we have a town wide yard sale close to us, a huge yard sale in the city and a quilting show. How are we going to fit it all in I'm not sure, however we MUST!!

    Have a wonderful day quilting.

  4. Funny--desserts worth dying for. :o) Lovely craftsmanship. The Irish Chain really caught my eye.

  5. Gorgeous display of quilts Paulette...and Jenny is amazing I agree.

  6. I love sharing quilt shows, thank you. It's amazing to see what other people do.

  7. What lovely quilts bet you had a fun time looking around
    Hugs Janice

  8. Isnt it amazing the creations that everyone has. One never gets tired of looking / Is so great to have the "digital"environment that we have for all to share our experiences.

  9. Seems like you had a good day at the fair. Can't wait to see your pumpkins.