Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bluebird, bluebird on my…coneflower!

I am off to the Ferry this morning to pick up my middle daughter. She moved to Vancouver this spring after she received her Law Degree. We are planning on spending the day together, have a little lunch…..maybe take in a shop or two….do a little mother/daughter bonding…ahhhh life is good!

On the quilting front, I have been busy finishing off this little runner.  It took me longer than I thought it would (they always do!)….AND of course it would help if I could leave the computer alone!!  I swear, I am addicted!  But I am pleased with the runner….very cute and fallish but I think I will be able to keep it out year round.  I accidentally used Warm and Natural for batting which isn’t great for hand quilting as the needle has a hard time gliding through.  Therefore my stitches are a little bigger than normal but I’ll just tell people that is the effect that I wanted to achieve…ha ha.  All in all, not bad for being made out of old coats and blazers!





Rylie seems to like the bluebirds….What do you think?

Oh, and I should mention that my husband made this table!!  Isn’t it nice!  He took up woodworking after he retired!  So while I am upstairs cutting up fabric, he’s downstairs in his shop cutting up wood….aahhhh….a marriage made in heaven! :o)

It’s a good thing~ Pat at Silver Thimble is having a fantastic Give-Away.  Hurry over and check it out!


Have a super Saturday and happy Quilting!


  1. WOW lots of talent in your family. Love the runner and the table. Both are lovely.

  2. Sweet little table runner.
    Enjoy your time with your DD

  3. Have a super day with your daughter. If your DH is at a loose end at any time, could you send him my way please? That table is fantastic. I could even help by telling him in advance what I need - a computer desk in the study, a set of tables in the lounge, ditto in the conservatory, some bedside tables, some.... see what I mean? I really NEED to borrow him.

  4. Love the runner, Mom! Hard to believe it's made from old coats! Nice lavender, too! ;)

  5. I love the runner and the stitches. Great background materials and wool choices. The tabe is beautiful, your husband did a nice job on the woodworking. Have fun, I Love riding the ferries.


  6. Hi, I was directed to you site by Jenny J. You do beautiful work, and so does your husband. I am a quilter too and my husband and I are also fulltime RV'rs. Its somewhat of a challenge, but I make it work, most of the time. Thank you for your wonderful blog.
    Juanita Pierce
    Livingston, TX

  7. Have a lovely time with your daughter! The table runner is very cute, I like the materials you used and of course the pattern. You DH did a great job with the table.

  8. Both the table and the table runner are gorgeous, I love the effect of the wool in the applique.

  9. I agree, lots of talent in your family. Hope you're having a wonderful bonding time with your daughter. I was at a quilting show today, a small one and yet quite nice.

  10. Sweet little table runner.
    Love the table Dh made..
    have a great time with DD..
    Julia ♥

  11. I love the runner and the table. What a talented family!

    Have lots of fun with your daughter!

    (I'm addicted to the computer too!!!)

  12. What a cute tablerunner...yes, it could stay out year round!
    Very cool table are lucky!

  13. What a wonderful table runner if it ever flies away it can find a new home here lol
    Hugs Janice

  14. Love your table runner - gorgeous colours!:0)

  15. love that table runner and your hubbie is pretty talented, too! Very nice table.

  16. Wow, I like that table runner! And, the table is very nice as well!!

  17. Your husband does beautiful work. And you do too - love your table runner. Where did you get the design? I signed up for a Global Quilt Swap and my partner in New Zealand would like a table runner. I think yours would be a gorgeous gift for her. Could you please share?


  18. Gorgeous runner, table and four legged baby.