Sunday, April 24, 2011

Busy Bees…

…that’s what the Heritage Quilters have been!

Will you look at this daisy quilt done in tones of browns…love it!!


The quilter wanted to make the flowers pop so she embroidered around each flower!  Now she is getting the quilt ready for quilting…


A sweet little pinwheel baby quilt!


A well thought out scrappy quilt…that’s not all that scrappy!


A very dramatic snowball quilt- gorgeous


A sixteen patch, in a box, turned on point…I’m sure it has a nicer name than that so let’s go with A Beauty!


Hey, it’s the chisel…and then some!!  WOW!


My personal favourite!  So perfect for Spring!!


Complete with tulips and butterflies!


Delores made a charity baby quilt …


..out of the cutest Raggedy Anne Fabric…so sweet!


…And look at the quilting!!  VERY nice!!


There were other quilts but my camera skills were lacking on Monday…must take my time!

We have been busy gardening…and cleaning out ponds…ONE of the worse jobs in the world…

While we were pumping the water out of the pond.. I am busy saving as many water snails as I can find.  They eat the algae on the walls…I should have fired them!! haha  There must have been a foot of mucky, smelly mud and water lily roots tangled on the bottom!!


But we got it all sparkling…well maybe NOT sparkling clean…but clean…NOW let those snails do their job!


It will look better too once the pond plants all grow back.

Speaking of looking better…I know, I know…a fashion beauty!!  Surprised smile

And let me tell you, I smelled worse than I looked!!  Enough said!


Hope you had a better day than I did!! 

Have a Super Easter Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. The tulips on the one quilt are so pretty. A good spring quilt. Thank you for sharing the group's quilts. I love to see quilts of all styles.

  2. I love that spring quilt, perfect for today.
    Looks like lots of fun playing in the muck, lol.


  3. Thanks for the quilt show. You are right, the brown daisy is going to be gorgeous when finished.

  4. What beautiful quilts! Thank goodness our little pond has never gotten so bad we had to empty it out. That looks like quite a mess! Do you have fish in yours too?

  5. My sister has a beautiful pond like that in her yard. They are always trying to get me to put one in too. I love sitting at her house, listening to the running water and watching the birds bathe in the waterfall and feed the fish. HOWEVER, every time she talks about the "cleaning" I am very happy to NOT put in a pond but just enjoy hers whenever I visit.

    The quilts were all very beautiful. I spied a Disappearing 4Patch.

  6. Well the pond looks gorgeous now! Too bad it was such a chore for you to get it that way! The quilts look great and I agree the spring one is very inspiring! I really love the not so scrappy scrap quilt though too!

  7. So many beautiful quilts!

    One word about the pond - ICK!!! LOL

  8. What a beauty! I'm sure all your stinky work was worth it! :^) Love those quilts!

  9. Our Koi pond needs that spring clean out too - since you are experienced, could you come over?????!!!

  10. come on now...we know you clean up well!! the shot of you all muddy though! that going to be your ensemble for next Saturday??

  11. Beautiful quilts! Oh hon that's a nasty job - but now it's done, at least til next year, right? LOL! Happy Easter!