Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Free BOM and Hit the Road, Jack!

Here she is ~the FREE Quiltmania block!  Don’t you just love it?!


Quiltmania Magazine FREE April block is now available…more lambs, pinwheels and NOW baskets…I’m thrilled!  All four blocks are still available…so what are you waiting for…? 

Oooohhh you want to see my next block of Settler’s Pride?  Why didn’t you say so….

Here she is… block 5 DONE!!  IRed heart her!


And now here she is sitting with the rest of the blocks…


Block number 6 is waiting in the wings…

I also have to share pictures of the Oleander bushes that are between each RV unit…they are in full bloom and are magnificent!


I think I know why Debbie has been sneezing… there are several hundred hedges in our park…and they all look like this!


As you can see most of the Snow Birds have flown the coop!…YUP…It’s time..


We will be leaving this morning…all good things must come to an end!  SEW long to my Clubhouse Quilting friends! It was a great year and we had our fun!

What a wonderful ‘summer’ but now it’s time to head home so that we can enjoy our second summer!   Geeze it’s no wonder why I’m so wrinkled!!  All in all…LIFE is good…wrinkles and all!

Have a traffic free Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Hope your trip is a safe one heading home.
    Oh your Settler's Pride is coming along so quickly now. You know I love it.

  2. Your new Settler's Pride block is fabulous.

    Happy Trails to you and safe travels.

  3. nice work ...love the rooster!!!..as for heading home?..don't be in too much of a hurry..rain snow and hail is predicted for today!..have a great journey heading north!!..your tan might be faded by the time you get back to Canada!...oh, but then summer will be here again!!

  4. Love how your blocks are coming together, really nice wools. That is neat to have hedges, I hate parks that are open and no privacy.


  5. Your blocks are looking great.
    Can't believe it's time for you to go home again! Have a safe trip.

  6. Wishing you a safe trip with beautiful weather. You'll have block 6 done by the time you get home!!! That quilt is going to be a stunner.

  7. Your Settler's Pride quilt is looking gorgeous. Can't wait to see block six. It must be sad to leave a place you have just spent three months at, but I'm sure you are probably looking forward to seeing your home again. We may not have oleanders, but we do have cherry blossom, camelias and rhododendrons. Safe travels on the journey back.

  8. Love the latest completed block...I am especially fond of that little curl at the top of the birdie's head! Safe Travels!

  9. Your sampler is coming along just fine have a safe trip home,

  10. There's no place like HOME!
    Wait until you see the June issue of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. The cover quilt is perfect for your yoyo find.

  11. Oh, your blocks are gorgeous Paulette! You do such a nice job! Those bushes are beautiful too! I hope you have safe travels on the way home - it's always good to get home!!:)