Monday, April 11, 2011


Remember these two bags of vintage Yo-Yos? …I bought them at a Thrift Shop in Yucca Valley a few weeks back…Anyways I pulled them out and this is what I worked on “Saturday”/Sunday during the Christmas Quilt A-Long…


By the end of our driving day this is what the little yo-yo table topper looked like….

Isn’t it sweet?


I will keep adding on rows until my yo-yos are all gone…I real do Red heartthis little guy!!


Yesterday we arrived at Lincoln City, Oregon…home to spectacular scenery! …and foul weather…Cape Foulweather that is!  Named by Captain Cook because of the weather.  Must have been a day like today…WIND (makes the desert wind look mild) and rain that would make any coastal gal proud! 

I must say that I enjoyed hearing the rain hammering on the roof but the swaying and rocking of the 5th wheel I could do without!  I’m sure we were on two wheel several times during the night!


Gorgeous isn’t it!  Sheer raw beauty!


We have decided to spend an extra day in Lincoln some sightseeing before heading off to Seaside tomorrow.

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. You won! Congrats! Another Go Die(s)! I am green but happy for you.If perchange you haven't seen it check out SewCalGal.

  2. Great project for the car, you will have them done in no time. I love being inside the trailer in the rain, it is calming.


  3. Our family used to vacation on the Oregon/Washington coast every summer. Loved it. The kids would spend hours combing the beach for shells and starfish and burying each other in the sand dunes. Fun times.

    Your yo yo table topper is turning out really cute. Nice to have had someone else make all the yo yo's for you.

  4. I am enjoying your ride home, but without the motion sickness. There is nothing prettier than the west coast! thanks for the ride-a-long

  5. Oh, my gosh!! We were in Lincoln City yesterday. Wish we could have connected and had a face-to-face visit. A great place to eat is Tidal Raves (yes, Raves, now waves) on the edge of Depot Bay. The view at the restaurant looks like your last photo. Perhaps you were already there.

  6. I love your left over's project turning out super, thank you for the beautiful pictures. You are the bomb are sightseeing. Happy quilt shopping today? I know you will find at least one?

  7. glad to hear you stayed another day!..lots to see in Lincoln City and the surrounding area!..

  8. Your yo-yo's are looking great! I have a small bag myself and need to get busy and make something with them. Wow, Lincoln City looks gorgeous! I would stay an extra day too!:) My brother lives in Oregon- a suburb of Portland and him and his family love it there! Have fun!!:)