Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Block eight DONE…

..of the Settler’s Pride Quilt!  This is as far as I can go until all the blocks get sewn together!!Flirt male


Yeah!!  I can’t believe that all of the main blocks are done…they were so fast and easy to stitch!


The block under the house will have my initials on it and a wreath that reaches up and around the house.  But as I said,  before I can do that, the quilt needs to be stitched together.  There are also six inch borders on top and bottom!

But enough about Settler’s Pride…the next time you see her the top will be finished!!

Today we continue our journey home…next stop Seaside, Oregon!  But before we leave Lincoln City let me share a few pictures…Yesterday morning I took the girls to the beach across the road from our RV Park…


Pretty spectacular, isn’t it?


Our view to the left…


Our view to the right…


Here’s Rylie a little pensive… wondering if you REALLY can see China from here….?


A little exercise for the girls…yeeehaw…


Yup…it’s pretty spectacular!


We LOVE it here!!P1130483 

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. we love it there too!!..wish we could have been there with ALL of you!!..how fun would that have been!!
    have a safe journey to Seaside!!..see you at the beach!!.
    just a short ride today..not much time for stitching!!

  2. Your pictures are just wonderful. I love love love this quilt!!

  3. The quilt looks so great! You have stitched this up so quickly!! I adore it!

    Your photos of the Oregon beach makes me want to make plans for a trip right now! Hubby and I went to Lincoln City for our honeymoon.

  4. Love the blocks - spectacular.

    Wow, I wouldn't mind spending a few days near that beach. Mother Nature and all her wonder - amazing!

  5. Love your quilt. One of the gals in the Knotty Girls group is doing that same one. I love the looks of wool. Your block is beautiful. Love those pictures too.

  6. does the quilt get sewn together by hand or machine? truly is beautiful. good job as usual. Interesting that in a country with that many people, there's never anyone in your beach photos.Our Tofino beaches always have people on them.

  7. Settler's Pride is looking good. When finished, will this be hanging on a wall in your home? I love the beach in Lincoln City. There are always interesting things to look at: sea glass, driftwood, rocks such as the one in your photo. I picked up a similar one but wasn't lucky enough to find one with a heart, just the holes.

  8. beautiful!!! hope you took that rock home with you...and if you didn't get it for me ;)

  9. Thanks for the beach pictures, it looks like home!

  10. You will have a new and beautiful quilt to hang, when you get home. Isn't it nice to walk the beaches with no crowds.


  11. Can't wait to see your Settlers Pride all done up - it will be gawjus! Looks like the pups got lots of exercise yesterday. QS in Boulder City has wools, moda,civil war....

  12. it's looking so pretty! Can't wait to see it all finished!

  13. Your wool quilt is so fabulous!!!

    Love those photos. We're hoping for an Oregon coast road trip this July. I would love to see it in person, finally.

  14. SO loving that gorgeous quilt - and the gorgeous beach!!!!!!! Wish I was there!

  15. I look forward to seeing every block finished--- what a keepsake this will be,

  16. The raw Pacific! Wonderful wonderful shots. I tell you Paulette, you should think of a book for yourself with all the fabulous photos!
    The little quilt is coming along. It must be distracting to sew, see to the dogs, and give instructions to the guy driving....stop here, turn around are my way of being helpful.

  17. You are doing very well on making my Christmas gift. LOL! It is mine, right?