Friday, April 15, 2011


…is an understatement!! 

We had our house-sitters put all of our mail into a large Rubbermaid tub while we were gone…YIKES!  Three and a half months of mail filled the tub!! 

BUT there was an UP side to this…before we left for holidays, I was lucky…VERY LUCKY!  I won a few Give Aways…so in that large bin I found these lovely things~

From Granola Girl I received these GORGEOUS quilt hangers!!!  They have hooks on the back where the rod sits so it looks like the birds and pinecones sit on the corners of your quilt!!  How cute are they?!P1130518

Believe me they look WAY better in REAL life…these pictures don’t do them justice!  Thanks so much Debbie!!  (Debbie sells them on her blog…and they are very reasonable too!!)

This Give Away was part of the Home For the Holidays Blog Hop…yes that was before Christmas!!  So thank you Debbie!!  I love them!!  Check out Debbie Fielding’s blog HERE!  You won’t be sorry…and check out all of her wonderful quilt hangers…they are all beautiful and unique!


From Sew Unique Creations Blog I received this WONDERFUL bundle of reproduction fabric (my first!!) and I must say…I LOVE IT!!!!  This line is called Shelbourne Calico Garden Fat Quarter Bundle and it is available in their online shop!


Zooming in for a close-up….yummy isn’t it!P1130521

And look…she even threw in this pattern that coordinates with this fabric!!  Just lovely!  Thank you so much, Tara!!


Look what I won from Buttermilk Basin!  The wool to make…P1130527

..this sweet ornament …do you remember it??  It’s from the Home for the Holidays Blog Hop and Buttermilk Basin gave the pattern away for FREE…?  You can still find it HERE.

Stacy even threw in two extra patterns!!  Thanks SEW much, Stacy!!


And from Thelma at Cupcakes ‘n Daisies Blog I just recently won her Give Away…. (LOVE her blog…full of tutorials and eye candy!!)


SIX of Carrie’s newest Schnibbles Patterns…love them all!! 


Now my only dilemma is which one to do FIRST??  Thanks so much, Thelma!!  I am thrilled!!

Well that was fun!  Happy early birthday to me!! Rolling on the floor laughing 

Now I need to unpack the 5th Wheel!!  DO I HAVE TO?  You can’t make me do it!! NOOOOOOooooooooooooooo!

It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it!!  Think I’ll unpack under the couch FIRST…this is where I stashed THE LOOT!! hee  hee

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting! ~P


  1. Good Lord! I rarely win anything and you came home to all of these treasures! Have fun with them all!

  2. As I have said before you are a winning machine!! Like Charlie Sheen says ~~~~ Winning!~~~~~~

  3. OMG! What wonderful things you came home too. You are one lucky gal!

  4. Now that is nice mail to come home to.
    I love specialty hangers for curtains, so for quilts, that would be a nice idea. I used some cast iron ones for a wall quilt, makes it nice to be able to hang them and change them out when I want.


  5. You do the wool projects first, you silly girl!

  6. Wow what great mail! Happy Birthday to you!!!!

  7. Wow Paulette, you hit the jackpot!!:) How fun is that- to come home to all those great presents!!:) I'm sure you'll have fun with them! Have a great weekend!

  8. How fun to come home to that - congratulations on all of your fabulous wins!

  9. woohooo!!..what a windfall you had in that rubbermaid bin!!!..good for you!!..did you mention birthday? it coming up??

  10. Glad to hear that you are home safe and sound. What a treat to open so many parcels at once and to find so many fabulous things.

  11. How nice to find some goodies! You deserve it for having to go through almost 4 months of mail. Glad you made it home and all is well!

  12. WOW...WOW...WOW...