Saturday, April 9, 2011

“Oh, Look…it’s a Quilt Shop…”

“Wanna Stop??”  SCREEEEECH!!  My head snapped up…I had been in stitching mode…oblivious to the outside world!  Before I could answer my husband said… “Well that’s a stupid question…of course you do!”  Funny how fast one can come out of a stitching funk…in a matter of seconds I was hustling myself across the freeway..before my husband had a chance to get the dogs out for a walk!

Behold the sign… ‘The Fat Quail Quilt Shop’ in Laytonville…(say it three times and you are through the town of Laytonville!)P1130379

Looks cute…don’t you think…holds promise…?


Love the entrance…so far so good….


EUREKA!!  Bulls eye!!  A little blurry but my hand is a little numb from all the stitching…P1130382

Wool work….


This is the classroom…


A wonky house wall hanging…very cute!


I love the cat with thread sewing machine cover!!  Too cute…looks like a Whimsical pattern…?


A cute apple basket quilt…and look at how Debbie is selling the kits…


In little apple baskets of course!!  How cute is that!!


Love this pattern…called Wooden Pennies by Button Weeds.  It was calling my name…I mean REALLY…baskets, crows, a saltbox house and churn dash…throw some wool in the mix!!  How could I say NO?


So much eye candy!


This quilt was draped over an antique wash tub…but look at the quilt!!  See how the fabric has been fussy cut…love it!


SEW many little rooms just full of quilting goodness!


A sweet little snowball runner over the doorway!


A different twist to the Dresden Plate…


Back in the classroom…lots happening in here…


A little birdie wall hanging made out of cotton and wool…hanging in the bathroom!


Love this little hexagon quilt…wish I had checked this out a little more carefully…darn!  We may have to go back..haha!


Yup!  I liked it!!  Think I’ll be making my hubby something nice for dinner!

So next time you find yourself on the 101 Highway heading towards Eureka…slow down when you get to the sign welcoming you to the  sleepy little town of Laytonville!!  You just might just be pleasantly surprised!!

Eureka!!  That’s where we ended up…Eureka!  Love sayin’ that!  And look at this view!!  Snapped this picture through the window of our truck as we were driving over a bridge in…Eureka!


Today we are off to Gold Beach, Oregon!  Yes, we are getting closer…

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. A fun shop in the least expected spot. :-)

  2. Mine asks me if I want to stop after we pass the store, lol. That wonky house quilt looks like the ones on the sulky site.


  3. MY Dh asked me what I was reading so I read the first paragraph out loud to him, he said if he had seen the quilt shop he would have hit the gas real quick. I told him I like your husband a lot better!!!

  4. Eureka!..he de-accelerated!?..what a great husband!!..nice shots of the inside of this little 'gold mine'!! are almost in Gold Beach!?..once you get to Port sure to stop at Battlerock Viewpoint and the Crazy Norwegian! for lunch!!! won't be disappointed!!..and there is a quilt store in Port Orford too!!!

  5. You seem to have a knack for finding great spots. I hope you are writing all these down!

  6. Loved the shop, thanks for taking us with you!

  7. What a cute quilt shop. And a great wool pattern score. Isn't it nice to come across a great quilt shop when you least expect it. Hopefully, there will be a few more before you get back here.

  8. This quilt shop looks darling! Travel safely.

  9. I just love all the pictures of the quilt shops you share. You certainly do have your husband trained extremely well! I think I need to search for several of the patterns I see hanging in that little shop! Thanks...and have a safe trip home.

  10. Stop the Car! Oops - Stop the truck! What a find of a shop! Well, I found one here in Wickenburg, so off today to have a look. THere is a dedicated quilters room here at North Ranch! And, the Sands screwed up on our paid for in January, reservation! We are still sorting it out!

  11. What a great fine in a quilt shop. I love the photos you too. Your a lucky gal with a hubby who will stop. Mine has long since given up with me. He now sends me on bus tours so he doesn't have to deal! :-)

  12. OMG I'm tearing up right now. Until December when we came to the east coast that was my local quilt shop. Don't you just love Debbie! I miss her so much! She has the best store. You just walk in and feel good.

    Did you notice the itty bitty town you drove through before getting there? It's called Willits. That's where I was living.

    Thank you for sharing the pictures. It made me so happy to see them.

  13. Looks like a very nice quilt shop!! Thanks for sharing the great pictures! Wow, and look at that picture of Eureka- beautiful blue sky!!:)

  14. Where did you find that husband?

  15. How nice...a beautiful little quilt shop, tucked away in a quiet little town. I always loved going into the little shops that operate out of older homes....did the floor creak? LOL!

  16. Thanks for sharing the shop with us. It looks like an awesome place to shop, visit and get inspired. :)

  17. I went to high school in Miranda. Went back a couple years ago and the high school and Miranda had barely changed. Unlike me! Sorry I did not know about the quilt shop in Laytonville. I would have definitely stopped but will give me another reason to head north again some day. This for sharing!

  18. I really meant thanks for sharing!!!

  19. I could hear you screeming!!!! Here in the french countryside I never see a quiltshop..... The most nearest is about 200 km. ..

  20. Lovely shop - I really like that wonky house quilt!