Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Woolie Wednesday!

Block Number Six is done!!  Settler’s Pride is taking shape!


This is the correct lay out for the blocks…I still need to do blocks three, eight and nine…and then the borders…


BUT…I now have to stand on a foot stool to get the whole quilt in frame when I take a picture!!  SEW exciting!!

We arrived in Pismo Beach yesterday afternoon and it’s as beautiful as I remember it!  The dogs are LOVING it even more than me! Here we are running on the beach…yes that’s us…not ants!


Nothing like spending time at the beach after a day of driving!  We are going to stay at Pismo Beach for a few days before we continue our trek home!

Hope you are having a Woolie Wednesday too…and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Oh my gosh Paulette! The blocks are coming along so quickly and look fantastic!!!

  2. You are getting through that very fast! A co-worker of mine is moving to Pismo Beach. I guess her husbands family is living there and she will be working at a place called Maggies Place...a nail salon I think. Looks beautiful.

    You going to stop in Oregon on your way home? If you are....Hollyhill has changed their hours...are only open Thurs/Fri/Sat until May and then will add Sunday to the mix.

    Enjoy the sunny weather while we have more rain in Portland.


  3. Love ur blocks. Pismo Beach used to be one of my favorite beaches when we lived in So. Calif. Enjoy!

  4. glad you made it safely to Pismo is 'sew beautiful'..and bittersweet!..enjoy your visit!! in the sun and the sand..the weather looks fabulous!!

  5. A few days at the beach will be enjoyable.

    Your new block looks wonderful.

  6. You really are moving along with that piece. I need to get to work on mine, just as soon as I finish the punch. My machine is getting fixed, so sewing for me, sure miss it.


  7. Paulette, the blocks are looking great. :)

    Enjoy your time on the beach!

  8. Wow, you are really moving along on those blocks. That's going to be really gorgeous. I love wool!

  9. Love that blue check flower!

  10. The Settlers Pride is looking amazing!! Beautiful work.

  11. your blocks are just beautiful
    I just started receiving this as a bom
    I hope to start it soon! I have loved this quilt from the first time I saw it, finally gave in and am going to make my first wool quilt!
    thanks for sharing

  12. Paulette, Love your blocks. l am just starting on a journey to make a quilt with both wool and fabrics. l love how they work so well together. A friend of mine has made this quilt and its beautiful. One day!!! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I love your blocks- sooo pretty!!
    Pismo Beach looks beautiful- I can almost feel the sun's rays!!! It's only 40 degrees here tonight in Ohio-yuk! We are soooo ready for nice weather! Soak up some rays for me while you're there! :)

  14. I love your blocks. They are gorgeous!!

  15. I can almost hear the waves lapping at the beach! Enjoy your time there.

    Love the woolie quilt. It is turning out so beautiful.

  16. It looks beautiful - now, do I mean the quilt or the beach? Well, both of course.

  17. I am just drooling over those blocks-the colours are beautiful together and you are making great progress:)


    Shazy x

  18. Paulette,
    On your way home, take a detour to downtown Livermore, CA and stop at In Between Stitches quilt shop. You will be delighted that you did! There is lots of parking in the back for your traveling cottage. In fact, you may just want to camp out there for a few days so you can shop! Lynn

  19. The beach looks amazing. Honk when you drive by place on the way home. You'll pass right by my work and home when you arrive at the border.

  20. I am so loving these blocks Paulette - they are GORGEOUS. And boy do I wish I was on that beach!