Thursday, November 26, 2009

You’re going to love this story….

So does everyone remember Krista from Poppyprint blog?  I won her give away – the lovely thread catcher (which I took to Hand Quilting today for sharing….but that’s another story….)  Anyways, lucky Krista is holidaying in the Bahamas.  So the story is…she  is laying around the pool and spots a lady carrying a charm pack quilted bag…EUREKA she thinks! A fellow quilter! So Krista does what most quilters would do ~ starts up a conversation with this quilty lady.

After some chit chat she discovers that the lady lives in Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island (West Coast of Canada)…which is where I live.  So Krista thinks…hey,you never know…so she asks the lady if her name is Paulette… the lady looks at her funny and says “No, but I have a sister and her name is Paulette and she lives in Cobble Hill”…YES! ME!  How weird is that!!  The lady with the quilted bag is my sister, Em!! 

Now what are the odds of that happening! But wouldn’t it have made an even better story if it HAD been ME!  Now that would have been freaky!!  Actually I could go for some of that sunshine and heat that Krista was complaining about….Monsoon rains here ALL day!  Blah…Too bad Krista…if it had been me, we could have hung out by the pool  in our charm pack bikinis, sipping a fruity drink, and talked quilting all day long…..sigh….oh well….maybe next year…

Krista tells this story WAY better than I just did….check it out on her yesterday’s posting….

ON THE CRAFT FRONT ~ I have belonged to Beta Sigma Phi for about 29 years now (yes, I was 12 when I joined!)Tonight it was my turn to have the group over and we made Christmas Wreaths…here are some snaps of the fun! IMG_3327

Here I am pretending to be Martha Stewart…giving a demonstration on what to do.  And just like in a classroom you have those who listen and those who don’t….if you know what I mean….sheeeesh….;o)


It was a miserable night so only 13 women showed up, which was perfect as I had 13 spots all ready to go…It’s a good thing I have a big kitchen!


This is Mary Kae… she is a good listener and got an A+!  Isn’t her wreath lovely….


There’s one in every room….the class clown…Hey wait….isn’t that the teacher?


The end….would you believe a fir tree exploded in my kitchen!  YIKES!  I know what I’m doing today!

GIVE-AWAY SPOTTED~ And not just any give-away, this one is a doozy! 12 fat quarters of Grandma’s Flower Garden..Just lovely!  Hurry over to Retromummy’s Blog for a look see…you won’t be sorry! 

image I

Isn’t it the prettiest fabric…..yes, some lucky blogger is going to be making something pretty spectacular with this fabric….it’s almost too pretty to cut up (~there’s that hoarder speaking again!! I really must get rid of her!)

AND….over at Spun Sugar Quilting they are giving away all kinds of goodies like this lovely Jelly Roll for one….Check it out!


I wish I could send some of this rain to my friends in Australia…It sounds so hot and dry there right now.

And to all my  blogging buddies celebrating Thanksgiving have a wonderful day filled with good food, family and fun….and make sure you eat an extra piece of pumpkin pie for me…

Have a Thrilling (Thanksgiving) Thursday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Great story about your sister! I could use some of that sunshine right about now too! Enjoy your day! :0)

  2. I enjoyed the story. It's a small world, isn't it? The wreath making with friends looked like a fun time with excellent results!

  3. ROTFLOL while I read the story about your sister and Krista. You never know where and when you're going to meet fellower quilters...
    Wishing we had sun and warm temps here in MB :^)

  4. what an amazing story! Love it!!!
    maybe quilters ARE taking over the world, what a wonderful place it would be. Love the wreaths, the kitchen would smell divine all that lovely pine. just sweep up all the scraps and put it into a bowl and you have instant potpourri!!
    or rather seeing the amount you have, put it in a bucket.

  5. It is funny how we meet people when we are away.
    Those wreaths are wonderful. I used to do that with our church, but it seemed I ended up making and finishing all the bazaar crafts.


  6. What a funny coincidence with your sister! - The wreaths you made are really beautiful, and I can imagine they will keep fresh and nice on the house door.

  7. Great story about your sister's a small world really!
    The wreaths look great..
    Send us some rain,, fires are raging over on the east coast, but they did have a freak thunderstorm in parts there yesterday..
    Julia ♥

  8. What a story! The world is getting much smaller all right.
    Thanks for the offer of rain....we could do with some right now.

  9. Life can be full of six degrees of separation events- what a great story. I would have loved to have seen the lady's face when your sister told her that you were her sister.
    You do such fun things to get ready for Christmas. I love the beautiful wreaths. They are going to make the doors look beautiful on all your houses.

    Thanks for the links to the giveaways. I have never been to either one of the blogs so it is always fun to discover a new blog or two as well as join in a giveaway.
    Warmest regards,

  10. What a great story about your sis - but yes, it should've been you, although a charm pack bikini might be pushing it, lol!!!!!
    Love the wreaths and what a brave soul you are to host something like this. I only did it with children, lol, somehow it's easier to clean up after them!

  11. It's a small world isn't it?

    I love the wreaths, and I look forward to seeing a picture of yours hanging on your front door.

    I love your new header too.

  12. The wreaths are beautiful. Didn´t you send the ones that didn´t listen to the "teacher" out?

  13. Charm pack bikini, indeed Paulette. You first!! It was nice to meet Em and to be able to then turn around and email you with the story. We had a great family vacay in Barbados!! I'm home now and back to blogging. I've been catching up on you are prolific. And, you must be Irish, because you win more give aways than anyone else I know!! Do you have a connection at the random number generator website??? C'mon, you can tell me.