Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Labour of Love…

I just had to share this quilt with you…Laura, from my Hand-Quilting group, made this quilt a few years back.  It is just stunning!  For one thing- it’s HUGE ~ so big that we couldn’t hang it on the rack!  It’s a double wedding ring with scalloped edges and of course it’s all hand quilted! P1030830 P1030831

When I asked Laura how it took her to make, she smiled and lovingly said…”A loooonggg time!” as only a quilter could say…It was truly a labour of love!


I love the scrappy look….


Make sure you zoom in for a close up…beautiful, small, uniform stitches (I wasn’t a member back then….;o) )P1030835   Well done, Laura!  It’s just beautiful!  And yes, Laura has it on her bed!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!


  1. What a beautiful quilt and I cannot imagine doing it all by hand, never mind, so well. I made a scrap quilt for my bed, but someday, I want to do a nice one and take my time on it.


  2. Stunning. I just love the blue background.

  3. It is absolutely beautiful - what a wonderful talent and plenty of patience to go with it...

  4. Absolutely glorious! Well done Laura, I love seeing work to aspire too, and how great that she uses it too. I just love that!

  5. An amazing quilt! Beautiful work!

  6. That's lovely, and so is the quilting!

  7. FABULOUS quilt - truly amazing!