Monday, November 30, 2009

Imagine That….

Imagine That is the name of a local artisan shop where they sell all sorts of wonderful arts and crafts.  I was walking by this shop the other day and look at what was in their window…. a wonderful display of gorgeous quilts!  (I go NO WHERE without my camera!)P1030902 P1030904 P1030905 P1030906 P1030907

This is one of my favourites!  It’s too bad that they hung this quilt by one corner as you can’t really see how beautiful it is.  The stars are on the back of the quilt and there are blue and yellow Dresden plate flowers on the front!  I would LOVE a closer look at this quilt.   P1030908 P1030909 I’m sure these stars were made from old striped shirts….P1030910 I’m going to start collecting blue cotton striped shirts again. The more I looked at this quilt the more I  LOVE IT! P1030912 P1030913 P1030914

Lots of sweet little quilts…perfect for a table or to hang on a wall…

P1030915A fan quilt made with Asian prints.  Lovely! 


This Christmas village quilt (above and below) is perfect for a Christmas display window…Isn’t it cute?



Do you think anyone would notice if I crawled into this window for a better look at this black crazy patch…gorgeous hand embroidery on it and done in such lovely colours.  On the black background the stitches just popped!  Love this one! P1030921

What a wonderful display of quilts!  (I’m sorry about the glare on some of the windows but it was a fairly sunny day…Yikes, did I just apologizing for having a sunny day!!  YES, the sun was out!!)  This display was sponsored by the Cowichan Valley Heritage Quilters.  We have a lot of talented quilters in our Valley.  Well done ladies, you out did yourselves!

Have a marvelous Monday and Happy Quilting!


  1. what a fabulous display of quilts. I'll stand guard for you while you crawl in for a closer inspection - that crazy quilt is gorgeous!

  2. I'd love to visit that store! What wonderful quilting items done up. Do people look at you funny when you're taking all your pictures???? ha

  3. You have such great places to visit!

  4. What a wonderful display! I like the teeny little quilt with houses and trees.

  5. I'd love to climb in that window and really get my fill of looking! That Christmas Village is my favorite.

  6. What a lovely display, and no, I'm sure noone would notice if you crept in for a closer look, just don't forget your camera!

  7. That DOES IT! I'm coming to live in Vancouver- now you're going to have competition for all those goodies!

  8. I love the little blue and green quilt with the houses and trees.