Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Wool Stash….Priceless!

Look what I have…yes, it’s a 100% wool skirt that I bought at the Thrift shop for $2.


Now look what I have….a huge piece (20 in.X 82 in) of 100% wool for ONLY $2.  Yes, it’s the same skirt with the top cut up, washed and put into the dryer to felt it up.  SCORE! What a lovely piece of wool!

P1030867  I have slowly been adding to my wool stash…using old skirts, slacks, and jackets. P1030842  The PLAN is that while driving down to Palm Spring in January (it takes 5 days) I will be working on this….  


It’s called Fit To Frame: Pattern Thirteen by Lori Smith….Isn’t it lovely!  I want to do the background in beige plaids and plain wools (like the skirt) and stitch coloured wools for all the appliquéd flowers and leaves.  Did I mention the blocks are only 5 inch squares!  The prep work is going to take some time so I have to start getting all the bits and pieces cut, organized and ready for stitching….Recycling at it’s finest!

Have a sunny (still raining here) Sunday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Oh, that skirt is such a great find! And pleated skirts mean even more wool!

  2. That pattern is just perfect for wool appliqué! You were lucky to find the skirt.

  3. Oooh yes! lovely pattern, and that skirt will easily do the background squares! You do have an eye for finding things to re-use don't you?!

  4. Great wool stash and great plans for it. I would love to do that same one someday.

  5. Fantastic find for sure and I'm loving the price!
    That Lori Smith pattern is a good one...I'll watch you work your magic.

  6. That is truely going to be a "project". Lots of time will be put into it. Can't wait to see it again as you get it going.

  7. What a great find - I love thrifting! But, 5inch squares? OH MY!

  8. What a bargain! Your travelling project though looks really demanding.

  9. What a bargain, an sure it will look great in your new quilt.