Monday, November 2, 2009


Yesterday there was a SALE at the Cloth Castle, by invitation only, to their ‘GOOD’ customers- from 2pm-5pm only!  40% off all fabric!  So I met Claire at the Cloth Castle and we power shopped a few minutes before 2 o’clock and were out of there in less than 30 minutes…It was just starting to get busy as we were leaving ;o)….Oh, we know how to do it…I got in line with the bolts of fabric and Claire brought things to me…it was like having my own personal shopper!  Poor Natasha (the lady doing the cutting) had two piles of cut fabric…one for me and one for Claire.  What did ‘we’ get….?

Some lovely yellow wool felt….in the washer as I write this!


This lovely Christmas fabric was calling my name….what is it about red berries and Christmas…love it!


This lovely orange and black dot fabric for our ‘someday’ Blackbird Halloween 1904 Quilt…


This adorable monkey fabric by Amy Schimler because someday I AM going to be a Grammy and I want to be ready if and when it should ever happen….P1030611

Three metres of this lovely black Kona fabric….I have plans for every centimetre of this fabric!P1030612

And finally this pattern….which I love …Can’t you see it made out of wool…I am a sucker for lemons and for pears and now together…..perfection!


Olympic Fever….On my way to the Cloth Castle I stumbled over the Olympic Torch!  About a kilometre from the Quilt Shop I encountered a lot of traffic and people lining the street.  So I rolled down my window and asked what all the fuss was about….I mean I know I’m in town and everything and Cloth Castle is having a sale….ha ha… So when I was told that the street was blocked off up ahead, I pulled over and got my camera out….

Some free advertising for Coke…proud sponsors and all that…


Our tax paying dollars hard at work….P1030591

Yes, it took two men to carry the torch…must be heavy… P1030594

I can hear them now…”It’s my turn” “No, It’s my turn….” P1030595

“Gimme it!”  “No you gimme it!”


There they go…..

P1030598  Yup, it was the torch alright…sure hope I’m not late for the sale!!

Have a marvelous Monday and Happy Quilting!


  1. What a day you had! Fabric sale and Olympic torch. I'm too young to remember anything of the Helsinki Olympics, but I know it was a really big thing for this little country.

  2. Gorgeous pear/lemon pattern. Yum! Oh yes, you really should start making baby quilt right now. You want to be ready when the time comes. I have 2 quilts and 2 kids...neither married, committed, or interested in making me a grandma. :o)

  3. what a wonderful day, and what lovely treasures you have found! Love the wool fabrics and the prints are to die for! What is really so great is that you had your camera with you. Do you always carry it? and to see the torch being carried how perfectly lovely. But the best part id the big fire engine with the logo. I am so glad you did not miss the sale! Perfect end to a perfect day, I have looked at the Cloth Castle site, always good to know where great places to shop are. Enjoy your new pattern. Great blog!

  4. What a great sale, and you saw the torch too - sounds like a wonderful day! So glad you had your camera with you!!!! I love all your treasures!

  5. Don't you just love sales...and you did get some great the pattern..

  6. You got some great fabrics & all the better when they are a bargain well done
    Hugs Janice

  7. Hey, you forgot to pick me up on your way to the shop. I'm sulking!

  8. Lucky you to get all that divine fabric at 40% off. You have to know that I love that tablerunner design. Make sure to make that one right away so I can see how it turns out! :)