Sunday, November 29, 2009

Belly up to the bar….the side bar that is!

Do you ever worry that your side bar of Favourite Blogs is so full that it is going to explode if you should add just one more blogger to the list?  Mine is now so long that when I find a new site ‘that I just have to have” I hold my breath when entering it for fear that the cyber police will say “Sorry- Full!”  BUT so far so good….whew….My newest entry is Bronwyn Hayes’ blog.  If you check out her new blog be prepared to add her to YOUR list of favourites!  Lots of delicious eye candy…and I do like candy! The good news about blog candy…it’s not fattening but I’m afraid…just as addictive!  It worth going over to her blog just to see her Header…

I started my Christmas shopping yesterday!  What a mad house!  In years past, I have always enjoyed Christmas shopping but then I always had my daughters with me for help, so it was a breeze.  This year I am an my own :o( ….and it’s just not the same.  I look at things through my eyes and go…”Oh I like that”… then I stop and think…Nah….she’ll hate it….and the sad news is I know I am right!  I now have a new respect for gift certificates….

I have to show you pictures of The Old Farm Market’s Garden Centre…I LOVE THIS SHOP! 

P1040007   P1030998 P1030999 P1040001 P1040002 P1040003 P1040004 P1040005 P1040006

Lots and lots of eye candy!  I like to give friends and family a little Christmas ornament with my name and year on it as a gift for Christmas.  I found all of them here this year.  They have such lovely things and I am partial to birds…

Plus look at what I found at the Cloth Castle yesterday when I flew through on my way home… wool felt!  It is the last of their 40% off sale so I bought a metre of each colour and 2 metres of the black.  I washed and dried it so now it is all soft and wrinkled…just the way I like it!  Merry Christmas to ME!


So I made a serious dent in my Christmas shopping and it’s not even December yet!!  Yahoooo!

So it’s back to the sweat shop for me….I have three more of these little guys to make….P1040009 Don’t you just love Christmas?


Marie Madeline Studio is giving away a quilt!  Yes a lovely scrappy finished quilt (your choice between two).  I have my eye on that cute pastel pink quilt…Hurry over and check it out….which quilt are you going to pick if you should win?


Good luck!!

Have a super Sunday and Happy Quilting!


  1. I love your header picture! And I know I would love the market! I enjoy coming to your site - my mom loves to quilt and I enjoy the beauty.... I buy a magazine every once in awhile and I do own a sewing machine... Maybe someday I'll take an adventure into quilting - I know I have a wonderful teacher in my mom... Sometime...thanks for your stories.

  2. The market looks like a fun place to go.
    I have seen wool felt in our stores, but it seems a bit thin. Would be fun to use it for ornies and small items.


  3. The market looks like my kind of a shopping place!

  4. So what did you do? Sneak in after closing, load up the entire shop into the fifth wheel and motor home at great speed? You DIDN'T? WHY NOT?
    And totally with you on the side bar problem...except I worry that loading up my page will kill off this computosaurus for good.
    And I love Bronwyn Hayes stitcheries so much I have to stay away!

  5. The little snowmen are coming up a treat... so cute. I went and got the pattern - thanks for pointing that out!

    Shopping is so much better with someone - although that market sure looks interesting!

  6. Hi Paulette what a great market you visited with lots of good stuff !

  7. That market looks just wonderful. Thanks for taking us with you again. I love your gift-tags too, I've bookmarked the pattern, but don't think I'll have time to make them this year. Perhaps I'll do them in January?

  8. I would be so crashed and burned in that store - looks gorgeous!

  9. Great shop - and your snowmen are coming along nicely.

  10. Yes, my blog list will explode one of these days, but thanks for another one! Woohoo!
    I'm not really good at shopping for others, I find too much stuff *I* like! Love your wool felt and that shop is fabulous!