Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Penny Here, A Penny There….

Everywhere I go I  am seeing potential Penny Rugs….let me show you what I mean….

Most people see a cute little gift bag…I see a cute snowman penny rug…Can you see it?


Gift tags….OR penny rugs?  Can’t you see that little cardinal (red wool stitched onto a lovely piece of  black wool with the green wool leaves in the background  maybe a little embroidered evergreens) …do you see where I am going with this?P1030813

Is this a paper Christmas napkins or  is it the cutest reindeer wool penny rug…see the little embroidered snowflakes and his embroidered antlers….how sweet…

  P1030815  Are these Christmas Cards wishing you a Merry Christmas or are they….yes penny rugs….see what I mean!  I love this one….P1030818 P1030819

This “penny rug” was SO cute I had to get a close up of it…now use your imagination….

P1030821Yes, millions and billions of possible penny rugs…..YIKES!!   I better get stitching!P1030824 See if you can see some potential penny rugs in your travels….  

ON THE QUILTING FRONT~ This is what I have been working on….times 3…remember how I said at Christmas I mass produce ~ Santa’s workshop style!.  These little babies are called Holly in the Snow by Little Stitches and of course I couldn’t resist the snowman!  I am in the process of hand stitching little snowflakes on before quilting and binding.  I’ll show and tell when I am finished.P1030829

We have a wet and windy day forecast for today so I am very happy that I will be snug and warm stitching with my Hand Quilting group~  I will take my camera along JUST IN CASE…..

Have a wonderful (wet?) Wednesday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Those are all fun designs, but you have to be careful of copyrights. Even if you use cards like that, the design is copyrighted.

    The snowman quilt is wonderful, like how you did him in a circle.


  2. inspiration is everywhere! Love your snowman quilts - they are coming along nicely. Hang on to your hat today, its going to blow!
    Happy stitching!

  3. Oh, I see stuff like that all time and think the same thing. Not necessarily penny rugs but appliqued or even punch needle. I love your snowman project. Have fun!

    Very inspiring post. :-)

  4. I see stitchery patterns in all kinds of things not related to stitching! But I worry about copyrights too.

  5. Thank you for opening my eyes to new ideas! If you draw your own version of the snowman or reindeer, there should be no copyright question.

  6. So many times I see something and think what else I can make of it too. Your little snow guys are looking lovely!!

  7. I am tired just looking at all your mass production. Everything is just so lovely. I have done the same, looking at a napkin or a card and made my own designs for place mats, hot pads, wall hangings or even cards as I quilt cards as well. Your snowmen add that extra special touch. Super work.

  8. Ispiration is just takes an idea and then a new creation is created!
    Julia ♥

  9. It seems that I see a quilt block or something to stitch in everything I see...our brains are trained now. You shared some great examples here. Snowman quilt is coming right along. Nice! A fun post. Thanks!

  10. Oh my yes, I see them! And quilts too!
    I love your snowman quilt, can't wait to see the finish - enjoy your day, ours is wet too, good time to stay inside and stitch!

  11. I find myself seeing inspiration in so many places... you showed a lot of great ones. Love the cardinal! And did you see those rosy cheeks on the snowman? Reminds me of my kids cheeks when they'd been outside in the snow for a long time. And how cute are those snowmen peaking out of the mittens? Cute, cute, cute!

  12. I love all your wonderful ideas. I had never heard of a penny rug before reading your blog. I looked it up on Wikipedia. It sounds like something I want to try. You inspired me to start quilting again. I'm working on a cat wall hanging that's printed on the fabric. Sounds like all of you have been doing this for a while.

  13. I love the Little Stitches patterns and those snowmen are adorable!! I love the idea of making penny rugs from cards and such...great idea1

  14. With all this inspiration around you, I guess you have enough ideas to keep you going for years?

    I love your current "mass-production" snowmen.