Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I’m at 95…do I hear 100?

I started my blog almost 4 months ago and I can remember VIVIDLY my very FIRST Follower!  I was awe struck that a lady from Brazil would actually want to read what I had to say….Now I have 95 Followers…how did that happen….?? YIKES! image

I also remember the first comment that someone left….Darlene from Quilting Daze welcoming me to the world of blogging. Darlene and I have ‘talked’ often and I consider her one of my best ‘blogging buddies’!  When she was feeling down and didn’t know if she wanted to continue blogging I jumped on the quilter’s bandwagon to make her a ‘lift your spirits’ quilt and sent in some blocks to do just that…Why you may ask?  Because that’s what blogging buddies do….we cheer each other up when we’re down, laugh at each other’s jokes and inspire and encourage each other whether it be in life or on  quilting projects.I am so grateful for my blogging buddies long distance friendships.  Not only are they incredibly talented quilters…they are incredibly sweet, generous, caring and inspiring and each one of them is uniquely wonderful!

The world of blogging is very similar to that of every day life…we treat others the way we want to treated- with honesty,  respect and  kindness.  AND with lots of Give-Aways!!  ;o) I have been getting ready for my 100 Followers Give Away….so come on… all I need are 5 more Followers to have a humdinger Give-Away! 


I’m at 95….do I hear 100….followers that is?

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!


  1. I agree with you about all the wonderful people we meet through our blogs! I'm already a follower so I can't help you reach your goal of 100! :0)

  2. Blogging friendship is something wonderful for people who don't have a chance to meet like-minded people in real life - and the friendship can be very real in spite of the geographical distance.

  3. Just 3 to go now! Well I think you are a great person to follow and I'm glad so many obviously agree!
    And I love the cracked egg picture. I found a calendar for my Mum this Chirstmas 'My family tree is full of nuts' and I think that's really funny too!

  4. Yes it is fun to meet people from all over, and when sending each other little notes, it feels like you're all just next door! Good luck on the 100.

  5. I sure hope you make it and only 3 to go.


  6. i am not surprised, You have a lovely warm way about you. I enjoy your blog enormously and yes, blogging is a fun way to meet people in the virtual sense. A way of sharing our love of craft in all its forms. a sense of community that would otherwise be hard to find.
    I know you will reach 100 soon.

  7. Well, I see it's 99 now...
    You have a lovely warm way of writing that make me feel at home here..
    I enjoy your blog so much, keep it up with lots more fun to come!
    Julia ♥

  8. I get so confused, I thought that I was already a follower. I have you on my blog list, but I neglected to become a follower. My brain is tired today because I did the scribing for the judge of our quilt show from 2:30-7:00.

  9. I just took a look and saw that you made 100....Congratulations!!! 4 mths. does not seem like a very long time to develop that many followers. You should feel really good!!!

  10. As a new blogger myself, I am just having the best time. I liked it so well that I even started a second blog to talk about art teacher topics! I enjoy your fun postings and love your garden photo on your header.