Thursday, November 12, 2009


Friday is my usual ‘housework’ day but I have something fun planned for tomorrow so I have had to bump up cleaning by a day…have I told you how much I hate housework!!  BLAH!  Why it’s work….and I am RETIRED!!  Doesn’t that mean that I have retired from cleaning house, cooking dinners, shopping for groceries…apparently not…I think when these things go it means that you have been put into a Home…an OLD Folks Home…Yikes…Have I told you how much I LOVE cleaning…? ;o)

Here’s what’s new at Hand quilting…..Anthea made this gorgeous split rail baby quilt…it’s all marked ready for hand quilting…

P1030571 P1030572

She used lovely I SPY fabric…a fun quilt for her grand baby.


I’m loving it- fast, easy and fun…!  The quilt that is!


Janice made a sweet 4 patch I SPY baby quilt.  She has marked different sized dots all over the polka dot fabric…the hand quilting will make them pop!P1030575 P1030576

I love the Canadian flag- never too young to teach a child about their country…

P1030577And of course Leah has been busy…as usual.  She has been collecting Japanese prints for some time now and then whipped up these two beauties~ just lovely! P1030690



I had to take some close-ups of the fabrics as they really are gorgeous!P1030692

She made this crazy patch using her scraps from the top quilt! Just as lovely as the first one! P1030693 P1030694 P1030695

Leah will be giving these quilts away as Christmas gifts to two VERY lucky family members!  I’m SO lucky to be surrounded by such talented women!

And I am so lucky to be married to such a talented man…he loves to vacuum!! What can I say…I’m a lucky woman….now on with the cleaning…blah!

Have a thrilling Thursday (I’m sure it will be better than mine!) and Happy Quilt! (which I won’t be doing much of today! :o(  It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it!)


  1. I have the same comments about house work it interfeers with my fun things that I do. I love the Rail Fence Quilt and Leah's Quilt made with Japanese fabric is one that I am presently working on. I am hand quilting mine and what she did with her left overs has given me ideas of what to do with mine. Delores is a talented quilter and a talented person. Love her quilt. This blogging has so much talent and I am so amazed at what I learn.

  2. I am doing the same thing, I have plans tomorrow. Though with my hairy pets, I have to vacuum a lot or live with hair floating all over the place. You would think with the kids gone, I should only have to clean once a week, haha.

    Wonderful quilts and great fabrics for baby quilts.


  3. I think cleaning should be a four letter word. Blech. Love all the quilts!

  4. I have a daughter who actually LIKES cleaning, and ironing too! (She can't really be my daughter, she must have been changed in the maternity hospital!) Sadly, she doesn't live with me.

    Hope your h*^!%work went OK, and that you have a fun day today.

  5. My 9 yr old likes cleaning more than me too - phew! And we are very addicted to Japanese fabrics & very lucky to be living in Tokyo!