Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Loot...

As promised, here's the Quilting loot that I bought while in Ottawa!  I know I love it when bloggers show and tell their loot, so I hope you do too!

I have two modern baby quilts to make for the new stash of Homespuns and Civil War fabrics just aren't going to cut it!  :o))  I was thrilled when I saw these fabrics at Fabrications...check them out....
I needed lots of low volume background fabrics and found several...

 This was my favourite....and I'm now wishing that I had bought more!
I don't know if I will use all of these prints in the baby quilts but at least I now have some fun options!

And at the 'Running Stitch' in Kanata I found these two books...
Kathy Schmitz's new book "Stitches From the Garden" which I have been lusting over!!  SEW BEAUTIFUL!!

Want a peek inside?....Love this Autumn runner...wouldn't this border stitchery look wonderful stitched around the border of a Fall Quilt?!
 I like the way she has colour coded the lines..

...but I wonder how that will be for tracing and reversing the pattern?  I'll let you know...
 This is just a small sampling of the book!  It's full of beautiful stitchery patterns!

And Jen Kingwell's "Bring Me Flowers" quilt book!  I love her quilts as they have a distinct vintage flavour to them...or am I slowing getting swayed to the 'modern side' of things...NAH!...I'm just messing with you...and ME!  YIKES!:o}}

And here's a picture of the full quilt...gorgeous!

Love this quilt...It would definitely be a challenge to make...and it may take a few years...BUT each block would be a labour of love as each is different from the other...Yup, I REALLY  like this quilt! I think I just talked myself into making this one!!

So that's it for the Loot...that was all that I could fit into my suitcase! That's the bummer part about flying! Next week we are off to Calgary to visit our eldest daughter and help her and her husband celebrate Thanksgiving...YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS...more quilt shops... and we are taking the car!!! Yeehaw! 

It's Woolie Day today...but alas...our 'Five Bags Full' gang will be down to only only THREE BAGS this time.  It's was a difficult month to get everyone together...we finally settled on one of the last days in September with only three bags in attendance!  We decided that Three Bags Full was better than none!  We have such fun with the name of our group!  I am such a BAG...and proud of it!!

Have a thrilling Thursday and happy Stitching!~P


  1. You did make a haul.
    And my two cents worth--I would not put that "flies" fabric in a baby quilt. Just couldn't do it! *LOL*
    Your new books could keep you stitching for years to come! Wonderful projects!!

  2. Wow Mrs P what a haul! I just love the collection of fabrics. Sure wish We could find some of them in Dincan. You'll make beautiful quilts with that stash!

  3. Yes, I like to look at hauls too! Maybe it saves me from some shopping myself? Yeah, wishful thinking! Have a great time in Calgary, that will be a lovely drive. :D

  4. You found some great things Paulette! Have fun on your road trip to Calgary. May I recommend that you go to Hamel's in Cilliwack as you drive thru the Fraser Valley, I think you will love it. Also stop in at Katji's in Kamloops another favourite in the area. They both carry wool!

  5. Love the loot and pictures of your visit. I always love blogs which have pictures of holidays and visits on, it feels like we are there with you. I, too, have a couple of baby quilts to make but am going to try and make them using my stash this time. Are you away for the winter this year or staying home again? Hugs, Susie x

  6. You got some cute fabrics, think the bears is my favorite. Are you car driving, or hauling the RV to Calgary? Looks like some high mountains to cross. Have fun-----how long will you be gone? Take some pics on the way of the scenery.

  7. Great fabric choices and I am a big book fan also.

  8. If you love all things Jen Kingwell then I'm sure you will be visiting Out of Hand in Calgary! Have fun on your road trip!

  9. Oh what sweet fabric! Love the red riding hood! Hope you have time to stop at Hamel's in Chilliwack. It is just off the highway. 😍

  10. Quite the haul indeed! Looks nice, I agree about the flies too.

    What happened to your blog list?

  11. You got a lot of great fabrics and love Kathy's designs, you will be having fun with those.


  12. some great fabrics yo9u have there for baby quilts certainly lots of good buys happy spending whilst with your daughter too

  13. Awesome loot! Your got some super cute fabrics and the fly fabric certain has caused a buzz! Have fun on your next adventure.