Sunday, September 11, 2016

Peeking Over Hazel's Shoulder...

When I saw what Hazel was working on last Monday at Heritage, I HAD to grab my camera! ...As she fanned out her blocks there were plenty of "Ohhhs and Ahhhs" to let her know that she was definitely on the right track with this quilt top!  Check it out...
 Gorgeous blocks in the most vibrant, rich colours ever!  Hazel had machine pieced the baskets together and is now hand blanket stitching the flowers!

Each basket is different but in the same rich tones!

 This was Hazel's 'camping' project this summer and will now be her Monday morning hand-work project.  No idle hands here at Heritage!

 And this is the block that Hazel was working on...gorgeous!  I have no doubt that she will have her blocks finished lickety split...
 And this is what the final quilt will look like!  It's a Jinny Beyer pattern and came in a kit!

It's always fun to watch an heirloom quilt in the making!  I hope you enjoyed looking over Hazel's shoulder too!  I will keep you posted when this masterpiece is finished!

Have a sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. So, so pretty!! Give my compliments to Hazel and to you for sharing!

  2. I wondered if it was a Jinney Beyers kit/pattern from the first picture. She is doing a lovely job at stitching it.

  3. That lapis and gold colour scheme is really gorgeous! And Hazel is doing a beautiful job. I hope you can get photos when it's done!

  4. It's BEAUTIFUL! Those colours.... WOW!

  5. When I saw those colors Jinny Beyer immediately came to mind. Makes me think of her Moonglow quilt.
    These baskets of flowers really glow!

  6. I recognized Jinny Beyer's fabric. Hazel's doing fabulous work!