Sunday, October 26, 2014

Warning! Stinking CUTE ahead!!

My friend and fellow woolie, Claire, has just finished stitching her little wool mat…soon to be pillow…and let me tell you,  it is cUte…stinking cute!

FullSizeRender (2)

Claire took one block from ‘Winter Sampler’ by A Piece of Work and turned it into a piece of art…using bits of wool and her needle as the magic wand!  This is going to be a darling pillow…and you know how we WOOLIES love our sheep…just saying, we love our sheep! 

Have you had a good look at ‘Winter Sampler’ from A Piece of Work?  The possibilities for this pattern are endless as each stitchery block is sweet on it’s own but together…OMGosh!  Cuteness OVERLOAD!


Hopefully you can click on the picture and expand it…if not, go HERE!  You are going to want to see this pattern up close and personal!!  See if you can spot Claire’s wee lamb!

Thanks for inspiring us and providing us with the eye candy for today, Claire!  Your workmanship is out of this world!

Wishing you all a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. She sure does beautiful work.....and it never ends.....she gets mor done than anyone I've ever known.....she sure gives me a lot of inspiration.....I also have that pattern....thanks to last time you bloged about it.....I can't wait to get started on it.....hopefully it will get done for next Christmas....

  2. Now why did you have to show this! I am going to have to order the pattern. And looking through the other patterns on the site, I may have to order more than one. Tell Claire that I like the idea of using wool for some of the designs from the stitchery. I think the block with the crow would make a good one done with wool too.

  3. Very very cute. Claire's handwork is fabulous. There is so much detail in this little pattern, and everything is perfect. It's going to make a lovely pillow. Hope you'll show the final finish.

  4. Claire's block is so cute. Thanks for sharing the link. So many gorgeous patterns!

  5. THat is beautiful wool work. I like the stitchery, would be a fun one to do throughout the year.


  6. Claire sure is a good woolie.
    Love that stitchery pattern, I was thinking some of those blocks could become rugs.

  7. a lovely Christmas pillow and the winter sampler is wonderful very tempted but being in the UK the shipping price is so off puting and if I am honest will I ever make it or just love and admire the pattern!

  8. This post definitely needed a warning! adorable as if I need another adorable project in my life. These designers really need to take a break for my sake!

  9. You were right, super cuteness!