Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Claire’s On a Roll…

You can tell that two things are happening here on the West Coast of Canada…Christmas and Winter are fast approaching and our weather has been rainy and cold keeping Claire inside where she has been stitching her heart out!

Just LOOK at her latest creation!

FullSizeRender (3)

Is this not the cutest!!  (And NO that is not a question…it’s a FACT!)

Would you believe that Claire used a needle punch pattern to make this sweet mat?   Shawn Williams is the designer of ‘Frosty Flakes’.  Claire took a green piece of Valdani thread and strung wee seed beads on for her illusion of lights!  Genius!

Here’s what it looks like as a needle punch…a totally different look!


Dang cute…but as Claire says, one hobby is enough for this lifetime!  Having said that…THIS IS stinking cute!  SEW…just in case YOU could use another hobby…or would like to make the wool applique version, you can find the pattern HERE!! :o)

It’s so nice to have talented, crafty friends!  They keep this ol’blog hopping!  I say, bring it on!  :o)

Have a terrific Tuesday and thanks for stopping by!  Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Friends and bloggers with friends are always a good motivational tool.

  2. cute! I do like the punchneedle.

  3. Those are both, fun pieces and I love the colors in the punch needle.


  4. si que es precioso!!
    me gustan los muñecos de nieve muchísimo

  5. so much talent in blog land and love how she has transformed this snowman into an applique piece

  6. Love your snowman. I like anything related to winter.

  7. Creative use of seed beads and some heavy thread!