Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pioneer Quilts..Part 2!

Before I show you more eye candy from Pioneer Quilts in Portland,OR I just have to say that the sales ladies at this quilt shop were wonderful..helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and as you can see…they let me take all the pictures that I wanted!!

As I wandered around the shop, I saw this simple wool quilt and it reminded me of the quilts my mom use to make..out of scraps of whatever was on hand and tied with bits of wool yarn!  Lord knows..I do have SCRAPS!!


This quilt really reminded me of Kathy Schmitz’s pattern ‘Twirly Birds’ but this has appliqued birds on it not embroidered…very sweet!


Tons of quilts in every nook and cranny…


And look at all the Japanese Fabrics…Daiwabo…this entire two rows and they went over to the other side!  I bought several 1/2 yd. cuts at Road to California for the Heart to Hand Quilt called “Heart to Home”…I needed a couple more and had a hard time narrowing down my selection!!  So many to choose from!


They had this lovely quilt on display made with these Japanese fabrics.  Gorgeous!


This quilt made my heart skip a beat!!  Another of Bonnie Sullivans’ called ‘Timberline’…..STUNNING!


There is just too darn much to take in!  Did I tell you that they sell Civil War Fabric??  They also sell Batiks and many of the Brights too.


But you know me…I focused on what I like…nary a glance at the batiks!  :)  Look at those little Civil War sweet!


TONS of wool pennies and wool projects!


Little Spring Sue Spargo pillows and notebook covers….




AND YES, there was a SALES ROOM!


And a huge classroom…lucky ladies who live HERE…where I found a few more gems like this one….


And this one..


Loved this one!!  Simple yet beautiful!!


And how cute is this..would make a wonderful gift, wouldn’t it?!


Pioneer Quilts ALSO had a Christmas room FULL of Christmasy goodies!


I have the pattern to ‘Seven Santas’..but seeing it made up has spurred me on!  I am going to be digging THIS ONE out of the pattern pit and putting it on the ‘To Do List’!!


I Red heartthis one!!  I might already have this one….will check the Pattern Pit for this one too!  It just looks TOO familiar….(is this a sign of old age.?)


There was just TOO MUCH Christmas goodness to behold!


Enough to melt the heart of most woolies…that’s for sure!


Now we are moving out of the Christmas Room.and back to the wool section…


Look they even had a Polka Dot section!!


If this shop hasn’t been featured in ‘Quilt Sampler Magazine’ I don’t know what they are waiting for!!  This shop has EVERYTHING!!


And look what I spotted going out the door…yes it’s ‘Nutmeg Hare’ latest pattern… ‘Will You Be My Friend’!!  Darn…I would have bought THAT ONE for sure…!  Oh well..there is next year!!


And YES…I will be back!!  Did I tell you how easy this shop is to get to? If you are going to be driving through Portland you have GOT to stop!   HERE are the directions!  And the good thing is there is a hospital right across the street..just in case your heart should start acting up…you know skipping a few beats or stopping all together! 

So there you have it!  Yes, Pioneer House got a two thumbs up..wish I had more thumbs!

Tomorrow I will show you Portland’s Fabric Depot…stay tuned!!

Have a Thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P

PS…Yes, we are back in Canada…staying at an RV Park in Vancouver, BC!  Tomorrow is my daughter, Maggie’s ‘Call to the Bar Ceremony’..(and no she’s not a drinker..hahaha)…she will be sworn in as a LAWYER!  We are so excited and  proud of her!!


  1. OMG...this post is so filled with wonderful eye candy! I had forgotten about the Diawabo's, the sale room!!! and you didn't mention did you...NO SALES TAX!!!
    Congratulations to your daughter and to you!!!

  2. You gave Pioneer Quilts the good coverage they deserve. I just LOVE that shop and am so happy you did too. Congratulations on your Maggie 'crossing the bar'. You deserve to be proud because that's a huge accomplishment.

  3. Well, are we going to see your pile of "loot" from PQ? I also love that shop. Don't get to go there often, but never leave with out buying a few things :-).

  4. I want to go to this shop but waaaaayyyy to far away from NE Ohio.. darn. thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

    and CONGRAT's to your daughter.

  5. WOW! What a wonderful shop ! Thank you for posting all of the pictures of the shop I had so much fun looking at all of the pictures. I wonder if they sell online ?

  6. That store is truly amazing, and Portland isn't THAT far away, a nice overnighter. Congratulations to your daughter, now the hard work really begins.

  7. What a wonderful looking shop, wish I could go there.

  8. That shop is fabulous! Truly fabulous. So much eye-candy and inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing, Paulette.

    Congratulations to your daughter!

  9. Well done Maggie and you too Mom. Guess you weren't steered wrong on this quilt shop, were the prices good on the wool and Japanese fabrics?

  10. This looks like a shop I would have to go explore! I looked it up and it's only 15 minutes away from Holly Hill Quilt Shop. I will have to plan for an extra day the next time I am up in Portland vacationing! Thanks for sharing all the eye candy!

  11. I want to make that bird quilt, love it. Wonderful to do in homespuns and like the layout with the simple appliqué. Tell me it has a name, I can look up, lol.


  12. What an amazing shop...will have to keep it in mind when we take a trip that way. TFS
    ~Terry~ :o)

  13. Looks like you had great fun! Tell your daughter congrats on passing the bar - very exciting.

  14. Hi! Welcome Home! Thanks for the Wonderful Tour! Makes me want to go back to Portland!
    Congratulations to Maggie and your family on her wonderful achievement!
    Take care, Leslie

  15. OMG Paulette!!! I just checked out Part 1 and then Part 2- almost too much eye candy for these eyes!!:) What a WONDERFUL shop!!! Great pictures- thanks for sharing!! If I'm ever out near Portland visiting my brother, I'll be sure to check this place out!!:) Congratulations to your daughter!! How proud you both must be of her!!:)

  16. That looks like a wonderful shop. How many days did you spend there?

    Many congrats to your daughter, I'm not surprised you're proud of her. Have a great time at the ceremony and we'll look forward to hearing all about it afterwards.

  17. It's probably better for me that they are so far away and don't do mail order (although after everyone sees this post they may have to!)---they have everything!!

    There's a few things I'd love to make here, that taupes sampler in particular. And seeing your stuff got me into wool. You'll love the Heart To Home BOM it's great!

    Congrats on your daughter becoming a lawyer! Can you ask her to specialize in publishing copyright law? That's been a big issue in the quilting circles lately.

  18. Thanks for blogging about PQ. It has long been my favorite shop...I think they will soon have an online store. They also have an awesome variety of BOMs. Wonderful atmosphere, great staff and owners!!!

  19. I have so enjoyed your posts while you have been away in the South. And the wonderful shops you have visited have made me drool!
    Congrats to your daughter too ~ that's awesome!!
    Welcome back to Canada!!!

  20. Don't know how you could resist from buying more stuff! Good thing I don't live any where close to there. My DH says I have multiples of patterns and fabric as well, probably do - just don't remember them!

  21. That looks like a wonderful shop and it sounds like you enjoyed it to the hilt.