Saturday, August 27, 2011

Savouring Saturday’s Saunter..

Well it’s Saturday…again!  Is it just me…or are the weeks getting shorter and Saturdays are here in a blink!…and the same can be said for Summer!  It’s almost over!! Now how did that happen??

Yesterday when I drove by my old school  I saw that the teachers were busy getting their classrooms ready for the onslaught of new kids.  I use to love this time of year…but now…I LOVE IT EVEN MORE!!  Yeehaw! 

Seriously Fall really is a wonderful time of year…the weather is still great and all those magnificent fall colours can be found all over the place…especially in all the new FALL QUILTING MAGAZINES!!  Yup, check out those magazines isles…ALL NEW!! 

I vowed that I wouldn’t buy any more magazines…I have to go through the old and CULL!  But…I HAVE NO WILLPOWER…I leafed through this magazine, American Patchwork Quilting…and some how, it found it’s way into my shopping basket!!


It couldn’t have ANYTHING to do with this little pumpkin wall hanging…could it?


Seriously…is this not the CUTEST??

P1150229  I know…I know…My name is Paulette…and I have a problem…Enough said!

And in the mail yesterday I received my Connecting Threads Catalogue…I always like to look through this…their prices are so good!


BUT I slammed on the brakes when I SAW THIS!!  Yes, our little Sue, that’s Quilt Sue has REALLY hit the big time!!  See her new book, PICK FOUR front and centre…in amongst all the other books..hanging with the likes of Eleanor Burns and Alex Anderson! 


Well done, Sue!! 

Speaking of which…It’s day FOUR of Quilt Sue’s Pick Four Book Tour…you could WIN your own copy of this book..autographed by none other than Sue Aubrey!  HURRY over to…Magnolia Bay Quilts for Kim’s review…and leave a comment…you just never know!!

If you live on the East Coast, batten down the hatches!!  Our thoughts are with you!!  Stay safe!

Have a Sunny Saturday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. You are up bright and early today and posting already.
    The pumpking banner is one that grabbed my attention when the AP&Q magazine arrived. We certainly aren't having fall weather but it is time to get in the fall quilt project mode.

  2. I got that magazine in the mail and can't stop looking through it. I am determined however to finish what I have started already before beginning a new project. lol

  3. That is actually my favorite quilting magazine and that issue is one of my favorites. I'm in love with the quilt on the cover.

  4. I too had to buy that magazine - there are at least three projects that I am in love with in it. It is full of the crispness of fall.

  5. I love that quilt, would be such a fun piece to do.


  6. I was thinkingof you and that banner when I bought that magazine last week! Too funny. Now I am off to the "pick four" site of the day!

  7. Now I may have to go check out that magazine. I HAVE to have another pumpkin quilt!

  8. I'm off to Sidney to buy the magazine. I'm just about finished the cover quilt from last month (August). A very easy project and good stash buster. I stopped buying magazines awhile ago (nowhere to put them), including APQ, but the last issue, and the new one have lots of interesting patterns. Especially love the pumpkin wall hanging. Would that be something that could be done in wool?

    My friend, Teresa, says: "If you can find two projects in a magazine that you would definitely make, then buy it. If not, put it back on the shelf."

  9. I have always found September to be more of a beginning of a new year rather than January!..whoo hoo..aren't you glad you retired!!

  10. Hi Paulette. Welcome to Quilters won't be judged here! I know...picked up the same magazine and decided I am making that pumpkin wall hanging...somethings are just not in our control!

  11. Fun post. I'm definitely looking forward to the arrival of Fall. Love your pumpkin wallhanging too!


  12. I don't subscribe anymore but will pick up an issue or two if I see something that grabs my eye. And that Pumpkin banner does it for me! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I'm going to be standing in the snow in my shorts, yelling that summer CAN'T be over yet - it's too short! I love that pumpkin quilt, I might have to look for this magazine myself!

  14. I've started slicing through fabrics to make that quilt on the front of American Quilting magazine. Love it!