Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week late Wednesday…

YIKES!  Here it is Wednesday already and I still haven’t shared last Wednesday’s Hand Quilting’s STUFF!!

Marion brought in this STUNNING runner/wall hanging.  The story goes that about 30 odd years ago….Marion and about ten quilters from her church made this runner for their Minister because he was moving away.  In the thirty odd years that followed the Minister retired and moved back to our community.  Ill health has forced him into a nursing home so he gave the runner back to Marion.  She cherishes it as a lot of the quilters have moved or…have moved on…if you know what I mean…


Each of the ladies signed their squares…


I love the fabrics and colours in this little quilt…so rich..even after all this time…

P1080313 P1080314 P1080315  P1080317 P1080318 P1080319

K.O. really knew how to stitch…


And Marge B. was into weaving…

P1080321 P1080322

A work of love, I would say!!

P1080323   Leah has been at it again…she whipped up this fantastic hexagon I SPY quilt…if you like the pattern (and I DO!!) can get it FREE on the Connecting Threads Website…(go to the bottom of the page and click on free patterns). 

P1080368 P1080369

Such a cute quilt…with nice big I Spy blocks!!P1080370 P1080371 P1080372

And another scrappy donation quilt…gorgeous!!  I love the way she selects the light and dark fabrics…beautiful from here…


Leah says she cuts her strips (1 1/2 x 3 inches) and throws them into two piles..lights and darks and just grabs and sews…


AND it works!!  Amazing!!


I wonder what today will bring?? Life is always an adventure…even after retirement!! ;o)

Have a wacky Wednesday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. What a treasure that table runner is! Gorgeous work, and it has really kept it's shape after all those years.

    The I Spy is really cute; and that scrappy braid is impressive, someone is going to cherish that!

  2. Beautiful runner/wallhanging!! I love fall colors and then in a crazy quilt...well just awesome! Great I SPY too...thanks for the info for the free pattern. Also, wonderful donation quilt...think I'd have to keep it for myself...bad huh?! Love the placement of the darks and lights. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful projects.

  3. Love that crazy quilt...all the fun fabrics and stitching.

  4. great crazy quilt!
    I wonder what pattern the braid scrappy quilt is. I wonder if it's a Bonnie Hunter? Just curious, it's so wonderful! i really have enjoyed the braid quilts that I've made and will make more.
    Great I SPY!!!! WOW! XO

  5. I love the crazy quilt table runner. The scrappy braided quilt is such a fun thing to do. I have used that design on borders of a quilt. I have a tray with the strips I cut out with left over pces [aren't we just terrible, just cannot seem to throw away those scraps]and it is a super hand pieced project.

  6. How kind of the minister to return the quilt to the lady after all these years, and perspicatious of him to realise it would be a treasure to her. The colours are amazing and the details are lovely.

    The last quilt you showed- if that lady who sewed it is still sane after making that pattern she deserves a very huge congratulation! I once tried it and I swore...never again! Too tricky, and you make a mistake and it'll take you weeks of unpicking!! Beautiful Quilt, beautiful colours but shan't emulate!!!

  7. You are in great company with all these talented ladies, you included of course!

  8. I love this kind of Victorian art
    x x x

  9. Always fun to see the new things your group makes. Lots of fun stitches and embellishments in the crazy quilting.


  10. That table runner is AMAZING. What a work of love!