Monday, June 21, 2010

All WORK and some PLAY!!

Three guesses what I did yesterday…P1080357   Yes…ALL day!!  And man is the old body ever aching…What’s with that??P1080360

But…after all that work and a HOT soak…I got to PLAY…I started putting together the 16 patch blocks for the Charming Chatter Sew Along…


I’m using some left over Shangri-la fabric from a few years past…


The fabric may be old (like something else around here :o)…but I’m still liking it..oh yeah…


I have a few more 16 patch blocks to make before Kelly gives us our next step…such a slave driver!!  ;o)

Have a marvelous Monday and Happy Quilting!


  1. I just love the Shangri-La (or anything Three Sisters) fabric. It's looking great!

  2. Oh my! I'd be unable to move or in the hospital today if I did all that here!~ Temps in high 90's, has hit 100 & 98% humidity!
    You are so amazing! where do you get all of your energy?!?! You put me to shame.
    Love your quilt!!!! XO

  3. Those fabrics are gorgeous! Looking good girl - but oh I feel your pain, I don't do yard work anymore!

  4. Yes, I feel your pain, but all is not lost at my place. Just follow me to Lyle's gardening service which I just did and I will sit and watch while others are working.I can find any excuse to hire someone to do the dirty work. Your quilt is coming along just fine, love it.

  5. I'm not surprised the bod's aching. That's just way too much gardening for any sane person to do in one day. I should think that's earned you at least a month's (no make it a year's) worth of totally guilt-free quilting time.

  6. I wish I had a huge stash of those Shangri-la fabrics--I still have about 2 yards of the red and parcel it out sparingly! We are planting trees today so I will also have the sore muscles tonight!

  7. After all that gardening, I would have been unable to even walk to the sewing room! Bad Back. But hey, you go girl!