Monday, April 26, 2010

Renee at Play on Salt Spring…

Hey, did you notice the new gal on my side bar…Renee at Play on Salt Spring…better known as the Shower Lurker! (If you missed that story see Feb. 26th posting for the Shower Story…) Yup, Renee is jumping into the world of blogging!  Her life will never be the same…as in..better!!  Ahhh..the places she’ll go…the people she’ll meet…who knows..maybe someday, someone may even recognize her coming out of a shower stall…

Renee lives on beautiful Salt Spring Island just off of Vancouver fact when I look out of my sewing room window I have a gorgeous view of Salt Spring Island…wave Renee and I’ll wave back!


This is Renee’s studio..she had a very successful Pottery business but now she is retired…which means…Renee is REALLY at Play!   Hurry over and say Hi…and have a look at the gorgeous pottery that she use to make!

Wonder what Renee will be making now?  Did she ever finished her wool sunflower project?  Is she in fact, hooked on wool …?  Was that Renee leaving a Thrift Shop clutching three wool coats…?  Inquiring minds want to know…go…check it out… Common Renee…Show us the WOOL!

Have a merry Monday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Hey P,
    I am going to check her out. Yes, I remember her and glad she is joining this fun world we have.. Have a great week,

  2. THANK YOU Paulette! Wow...what a wonderful way to enter the blogging world of quilters and fabric artists.
    I guess I am "committed" now aren't I?!!...hmmm...perhaps even going a trifle "wool crazy"?!!

  3. Welcome Renee,,
    love her studio...I want one just like that!!
    Look forward to seeing what Renee does..
    Julia ♥

  4. We'll look forward to getting to know her now.