Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quilt Until You Wilt….

PAM SIGHTING!!!  Remember what a moron I was …couldn’t remember who sent me this wonderful give away package!!!  I knew it was from Pam but couldn’t remember what the name of her blog was..


Well it turns out that she was hiding out on my side bar of favourites all this time…Tall House Quilts….and no mention of her name being Pam……but don’t worry your secret is safe with me!! ;o) Thank you so much for these wonderful patterns!!  I can’t wait to make them!!  What a generous give away!!  Make sure you check out Tall House Quilts as it’s a good thing!!

On the Quilting Scene~

Do you remember this quilt?  Seattle Judy was working on it last week during our Wednesday Quilting.

P1050660 - Copy

What a difference a week makes!!  Look at it NOW!!  Judy has cut out her appliquéd pieces and ironed them onto her quilt.  Now she is busy hand stitching them on!!  Gorgeous!This is going to hang in her daughter-in-law’s office at an Elementary School.  The kids are going to love it!!  Judy has made one for every season and they hang in her DIL office during the appropriate season!!  How lucky is she!

P1050889 - Copy P1050890 - Copy   Vesta whipped up this quilt from scraps that a friend gave her.  Very nice and it’s FREE!P1050893 - Copy P1050895 - CopyBet you’re wondering what Penny is up to?    

P1050898 - Copy

Penny used a special ruler- a 10 degree wedge for her cutting….

P1050899 - Copy P1050900 - Copy

…to make these wedges which she then sewed together….

P1050901 - Copy

Presto!!  A spiral table topper!! 

P1050906 - Copy

Hmmm…wonder what Anne is doing?

P1050896 - Copy


P1050902 - Copy

You guessed it!  Very fun!!


     Roxanne collects houses…these little pieced ones are only 3 inches and will be even smaller once they are stitched together.P1050907 - Copy  She wants to sew four houses and then frame them.P1050908 - Copy  Penny is machine appliquéing these flowers.  She is making eleven identical flower block as she is in a block swap.  When she is finished she will keep one and give 10 out to friends who are also making eleven flower blocks…When they are finished all eleven ladies will have 11different blocks to make into what ever they want!  What a great idea!!P1050909 - Copy   Dorothy brought this gorgeous quilt in to share…she is having it professionally quilted and wanted some advice on thread colour and quilting design…I’m not sure what she decided to do??  P1050913

Would you believe…I forgot to take a picture of what I was working on!!  I am still plugging away on the Rouenneries quilt..I’ll take pictures next Wednesday!!  BUT I MUST say I am loving the fabric!!  So nice!!

My husband and I are off Garage Saling this morning!!  Back home Garage Sales don’t start up until late April.  In the Palm Springs area they Garage Sale year round.  My poor husband isn’t a GSer but he drives me around and walks the dogs while I shop…that’s what I call a perfect marriage!! :o)  Wish me luck!

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Wowzer - lots and lots of beautiful and sweet projects. You must share pics of your project.

    Enjoy your outing.

  2. Glad you are enjoying our California winter weather! These projects are all great, log cabins and spirals and Irish Chains, oh, MY!

  3. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful group of ladies to share quilting with. Was too cold for yard sales here, but by the time I get my lazy rear out of the house, there is nothing left;)


  4. Those spiral table runners are just crazy! How are the edges finished? That's a cool way to use a wedge ruler. I'm in search of a wedgie myself...for making dresdens, that is.

  5. Thanks for introducing us to your friends. I love seeing other people's work and their different choice of colours.

  6. Wow. LOVE the appliques on that first quilt! Such great projects.

  7. I love the spiral table runners. I must look out my Dresden Plate wedge ruler-y thingy and see if that would work. Hmm, I'm thinking Christmas pressies maybe? I'm looking forward to seeing what treasures you find at the garage sale.