Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hexy-done….or as near as possible!

Yippee!!!  All that needs to be done to the Hexy quilt is a border/sashing…..sounds easy but… I went to Victoria yesterday to purchase some Nature’s Chorus Fabric or matching fabric just for this purpose but…alas.. they didn’t have anything suitable.  I went to all three fabric shops and nothing.

I have two fat quarters of this striped fabric which would have worked nicely but it’s not enough.  Darn!

Oh well- I’m calling it finished!  It would have gone into the pile to be hand-quilted with the rest of the finished quilts.  It will be a few months before my Hand Quilting group will be able to hand quilt it anyway, so  I have lots of time to find a suitable border print. I will keep my eyes open….


I am so happy with the Hexy quilt as it is so pretty.  I took a close up  picture of the quilt with the striped fabric that I am going to try to find as I really like it as the outside border.  If not that, then something will jump out and bite me, I’m sure!  Think I will have to redecorate one of the spare bedsrooms so that I can use this as a throw!

P1020616P1020615So does that mean I can move onto something NEW!!!  Let’s go and check ‘the cupboard’….

The dreaded cupboard where all unfinished projects go…..start the ‘Jaws’ music….P1020618 P1020619

The man-hand is mine….I do have more fingers….The ‘Jaw’ music is REALLY loud now….


Top, left shelf…..WHEW!  No shark and more importantly NO MORE UNFINISHED QUILTS!!!  Whoopeee…..think I’ll take the rest of the day off…maybe check out a few quilting books and magazines…..hmmmmm….What should I do next?  Stay tuned…..maybe I could clean out the rest of the cupboard?  Are those bags of lace? Nooooooooooo…..

Have a super Sunday!  And Happy Quilting!


  1. Love the quilt. Now you have even more reason for hitting those quilting need to find just the right material. I always tell my hubby that.

    Enjoy your day!!

  2. My gosh you eveer sleep??

  3. What a gorgeous quilt! Since you don't have enough material for a border, would making a border of hexagons be an option using your fat quarter plus leftover scraps? Just a thought ~ probably a laborious one! Your cherry quilt was so beautiful with the scalloped edges, which is what made me think of a hexagon edging.

  4. Actually, maybe 1/2 hexagons would be better as a border, because then they could be joined to the quilt by the long side ~

  5. The quilt is beautiful Paulette- you might find the fabric on line- or else you will find something complimentary when you are least expecting it. Have fun in your search at the quilt stores.VBG
    You have been one productive lady in August. Congratulations for emptying your shelf.
    Warmest regards,

  6. Yay! I want my top shelf cleaned too.... in about 40 kits it will be, lolol

  7. Yes the quilt is beautiful. Find something NEW to do :)

  8. I love that hexagon quilt!! Beautiful colors and pattern. Just lovely!