Monday, August 31, 2009

Kim’s FINISH It In August Challenge Finished!!!!

Rylie , my little quilting buddy, has been helping me out everyday in my sweat room so I thought  it was only fitting that she should make the announcement…..




Where’s a dog to sit?  The bench is full of FINISHED projects!


I started this quilt from scraps using fabric from the other unfinished quilt …not a good start….both sat in the cupboard for about 5 years!  #1 DONE!


This is the unfinished quilt that kept it company for 5 years! #2 DONE!


This runner has missed the last two Christmas’ as it waited and waited to be finished!  It’s not waiting anymore!! HO HO HO #3 DONE!


I made the hexagons last winter and then they waited and waited to be appliquéd and stitched into a quilt.  #4 DONE!


This unfinished project has only been in the cupboard for 5 or 6 months…but I could see it sitting in there for another 5 or 6 years as I didn’t really like it.  #5 DONE (and I love it!!)


Why is it that when you make more than one of a project (one for a gift and one for yourself) the one for you never gets finished??  WELL not anymore!  #6 DONE!

P1020595And finally…The unfinished snowball quilt was probably the quilt that I liked least UNFINISHED but the one I loved most finished….go figure!!  #7 DONE!

P1020606  Even Rylie looks impress!


Hmmm …..maybe not that impress!

Thanks Kim for forcing me to clean out my unfinished cupboard!  You were the kick in the pants that I needed! I LOVE all my NEW and FINISHED projects!

It was a great August!  Have a wonderful Monday and happy Quilting!



  1. I've been following you on your Finish It journey, but seeing them all together like that really emphasises how much you've done. Did you ever have time to sleep or eat during August?

  2. First I have to say Rylie is about the cutest dog I have ever seen! Her little face is just adorable in that first picture! You should be so proud of yourself for accomplishing so much. Your pieces are truly works of art!

  3. Hurrah for you, Paulette! You have been a good girl and finished so many lovely projects.

  4. That is an impressive list of finishes. Well done you, so what's next?

  5. Wow what a great accomplishment! Now you can start as many new ones, right?

  6. Woo hoo great accomplishment. And that dog...just too cute.

    Now what's your next project??

  7. Rylie's so big now!! I can't believe how much she's grown since I last saw her :o)

    ps: Looks like you've been keeping busy! Everything looks great.

  8. Congratulations for finishing all those beautiful quilts.
    Warmest regards,

  9. Wonderful! Isn't it fun to see them all spread out that way? Even the darn hexagon quilt! And Rylie's such a cutie! Well, your reward is in the mail, so look for it to arrive in maybe about a week. Oh, and if you get an envelope from a law firm? That's just me--don't freak out! LOL!

  10. Hi Paulette, I just sent you an email replying to the lovely mesage you sent me saying what a great feeling it was to get a project finished, then I hop on over to yours and your last post is all about those awesome projects you have just completed. Wow what a lovely selection. Love them all and the colours, oh and yes love your header also.

  11. well done on finishing you project they are great as is Rylie
    Hugs Janice

  12. Wow...these are some wonderful finishes!

  13. "all of their friends are starting to have babies..." Oh Mom! Too funny :)

  14. Yup! Rylie sure looks finished...
    It was supposed to be you doing all that work, it really wasn't fair to make the puppy do it?

  15. I am in such awe! What a lovely way to show them too! Your dog is such a darling. I am busy with my wedding preparations too, so much to do, so little time! Charity dolls are getting behind must not forget those too. I am so happy i could cry. Love reading your blog it makes my day.You inspire me greatly thanks!

  16. Coongratulations on finishing your projects. They look so pretty on your bench.

  17. This is an amazing accomplishment .... and what a super photo to see them all together.

  18. Congratulations on jobs well done!
    Must be a super wonderful feeling.

    Sweet dreams Rylie :-)