Monday, August 3, 2009

The Life of a NEW Blogger.......

RUN don't walk to Jenny of Elefantz blog! You will find Jenny at . She has just finished nine festive Christmas stitcheries that are gorgeous AND (drum roll.......) they are for sale on her ETSY store!!! The new stitcheries are too cute for words, so go to her site and check them out. While you are at it, check out her give away-so generous of Jenny! Don't bother putting in a bid as I'm SURE I'm going to win! (Oh, I wish....)

On to today's posting.....I have been busy sewing....yes, I have finally dragged myself away from the computer.... As a new blogger I found myself being drawn back to the computer, again and again. Got to check to see if I have any new messages??? how many hits so far??? any new members join??? It's exhausting! Today's worry is WHAT CAN I WRITE ABOUT???? Is blogging always like this???

A lot of my fellow bloggers have been talking about cleaning out their stashes or using up scraps so I thought I would show you a quilt that my friend, Leah made. It is simple but very sweet, using only scraps and would make a beautiful gift for a new baby! Isn't it pretty! It's on my 'to do list'! Thanks, Leah, for the inspiration!

Another morning is here and today I am going to SEW. No I am not going to check my site, NO I am not going to check for any new messages.....NO I won't check for new members......oohhhh got to go -I see I have a new MESSAGE.....WHOOOOPEEEEE!!!


  1. That is a lovely quilt. And yes, it can be stressful to follow the statistics so best forget about them and enjoy the comments, show your new projects and have fun. And don't forget to comment on other people's blogs every once in a while.

  2. Thank you for spreading the word about my new designs and the giveaway!!
    Now, I hope you come back to the computer to check your blog...but only for a minute because we MUST still sew!!!! ;-)
    Sweetie, blog about whatever is on your heart - it's all about getting to know each other and building friendships all over the world. :-)
    I love the quilt in your blog title...gorgeous!

  3. From one new blogger to another, yes the ballance between making and reading is difficult, but reading is so very enjoyable too. Love your blog very much. The baby quilt is so adorable, your friend should be congratulated.

  4. lol...yes this is what happens to us!!
    have fun!!