Sunday, August 23, 2009

Homespun Happiness…..

Before I start my  blog ramblings I must mention all the good-will, kindness and thoughtfulness that happens behind the scenes in Blogland.  First I get a lovely letter from Anna, another Aussie fan, who gave me a link to Tazzie’s Quilts.  She was sure I would love this blog and of course she was right!!  Love, love, love it.  So if you are an Aussie fan too, then check it out.  Also have a gander at Anna’s blog, as good things are happening there too!   Finally I emailed Kim at Kim’s Big Quilting Adventure asking about her Hexagon Quilt (it is stunning and it is calling my name…. check it out-love it!) So Kim emails me back and said to send her my address and she will mail me the pattern!!  I mean really… sweet is that!!  So a BIG thank you to all you blogland sweethearts! 

NOW on to Homespun Happiness…..Good morning….There is something about rolling around in homespun flannel that gets the blood going ….especially if they are in fat quarter lengths…ha ha..  Had you going there!  I read in the paper that there was a quilter’s garage sale so OF COURSE I had to check it out.  Now I have gone to other ‘quilter’s’ G.S. and they usually have 5 small pieces of fabric (usually polyester), a package of pins and a ratty pincushion for sale (do you get idea- NOTHING of interest or as I call it CRAP-O-LA!)  So my hopes for this GS were not high.  WELL….let’s just say I started hyperventilating as I glance around at all the stuff (and the word CRAP-O-LA never entered my mind once!…more like MOTHER- LODE and why didn’t I bring more money!!! AND why is my camera not in my purse!!!) Tables and tables and tables of stuff.  GOOD STUFF and very reasonably priced.  I have always had a love for the homespun flannels so I spotted a tableful and made a b-line for it.  I hope the pictures of ‘finds’ do them justice. P1020437

Charm packs….$3-$4 each ( in Canada they are usually over $12)

P1020438 P1020439 P1020440 P1020441 P1020443 P1020445 P1020446 P1020447


My flannel basket before the sale….


So now my homespun flannel box is over flowing…. and my wallet is VERY empty!!  But that is the way of the quilter…..right!?

Tomorrow I will share my ‘new to me’ books!


  1. Holy smokes, you got a great haul. Wow, I'm impressed.

    Like you I cringe when I see a garage sale that says "quilter's fabric". I seldom go because I find the same as you...mostly polyester, some old thread and worn out books. You did great at this one!!

  2. Paulette,
    Thanks for your kind words and link to my post- Today I need to get busy and update my blog VBG...

    What a fabulous sale you hit upon - especially when you found some of your favorite kinds of fabrics- There is nothing like gathering some new fabrics- good fabric therapy :O)
    I am looking forward to seeing your new books.
    Have a great time with your homespuns and flannels.
    Kim is a terrific quilter- I have enjoyed her blog for quite awhile - she makes great designs too.

    Warmest regards,

  3. Lovely, I am beginning to collect homespuns and plaids, I love them.

  4. What a lucky day for you Paulette...
    I have yet to come across a great garage sale like that..
    Julia ♥

  5. Wow, what great haul. You did well.

  6. Wowwee. Did you leave any for anyone else to buy?

    All that fabric, some rulers and then you say there's books too.

    We don't have things like that really here, wish we did, and then I'd be first in the queue every time.

  7. What great finds & buys well done, don't get the flannel that easy here in the UK & as for finding such finds are so rare i never found any so well done again
    Hugs Janice

  8. Thank you so much for the shout-out, what a sweetheart you are.
    You certainly lucked out on your shopping expedition - I have never seen such an amazing haul before. Well done.