Friday, August 14, 2009

Inspired by Fellow Blogger...

Yesterday morning as I was surfing blog land, drinking my coffee and getting caught up on all the new blog postings, I came across Linda's blog 'All Stitched Up". She had just finish a gorgeous baby quilt with amazing quilting. She had done a very fine cross hatching and then washed the quilt and it had this soft wrinkly effect. Lovely! So I spent some time in her site and came across another baby quilt - May 29/09 called Zippity Do Dah. I loved her quilting-same wavy cross hatching but looser and wider apart - very lovely! So I wrote to Linda and asked her a lot of questions and she wrote back with all the answers- what a nice lady! Check out her Blog as she has lots of eye candy! One of my favourites!

Later that day I had planned on quilting the cherry table cloth in the usual boring manner- in the ditch, around the blocks...yawn! I was not looking forward to it. Remember this was an unfinished project - unfinished for a reason! I started thinking about what Linda said about this quilting method-how easy it was and I saw for myself how lovely it I thought, be darned-I'm going to try it! So that afternoon that is what I did. Like anything, I could see definite improvements with practice. After a while it dawned on me that I was having fun quilting! 'Quilting' and 'Fun' in the same sentence! Unheard of....usually my shoulders ache, I am tense and lots of cuss words are flowing from the ol' sweat room- but not yesterday! Yesterday I was singing to the radio....while quilting!! So Linda I thank you! I have taken a giant step away from stitching in the ditch! And although my project isn't perfect I tried something new and I had fun doing it! Here's a sneak peek....

Now for the scalloped edges....

At Hand-Quilting on Wednesday, Leah brought in ANOTHER finished quilt top ready to be hand quilted. The entire quilt is made from scraps that she had in her scrap bag or scraps from fellow quilters. It really is stunning! Leah is a wonderful quilter and makes donation quilts every week to be given away to various charities and hospitals . Leah and her quilts are truly a good thing!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Quilting!!


  1. I'm going to check out the link in a minute. However, that quilt Leah made is stunning!! And to think it's all pieces of scraps...that's what I love about it. Awesome!!

    I like how you quilted your quilt. I use to do "stitch in a ditch". Once I found out how much fun using a darning foot was and meandering throughout the quilt, I left the stitch in the ditch method.

    Hope you are having wonderful weather over where you are. Hugs..

  2. Yes Linda is a sweet lady. Is Leah going to donate this quilt?

  3. People who are generous with their knowledge are such a blessing. I learned some time ago that I hate machine quilting so now do it by hand, which is why I stopped making large quilts. The one I'm working on at present is the last quilt I tried to machine quilt which is partly why it was abandoned. But I WILL finish it...!

  4. such wonderful quilts, Stunning. Love you peek at your quilting too, intriguing. I will check out that link too. Soo good

  5. I love quilting wavy grids -- yours looks good!

  6. Boy what a lovely quilt especially as it made from scraps it beautiful
    am going to check the site now that you memtion
    Hugs Janice

  7. Isn't it just wonderful to be inspired and then to discover you can do it too! I love the internet and all that it's inspired and taught me to do.

  8. Goodness me, not only doing all these UFO's, but finding time to learn and do something new too. Well done you.

    PS Have you got some energy to spare? If so could you wrap it up and send it to me please?