Saturday, August 22, 2009

Australian raves and waves…..

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these magazines, especially the Stitchery magazine.  They are all from Country Threads which is based in Australia.  I just love the stitcheries and quilts that are coming out of Australia right now.  After much searching, I found a little book shop in Victoria that has a huge selection of these Quilting Magazines, which is great as they are so hard to find!

Today I took my grand-daughter, Mikayla and her friend to the new Aquatic Centre in town.  And of course you don’t just drop them off, so while they swam I had my nose buried deep in to my new Australian magazines.  So meanwhile…two hours later….I put down the last magazine, came out of my quilting/stitchery stupor…huh… and gathered two rather wrinkled and tired swimmers from the pool. I just had to put in a couple of pictures of the new pool as it really is beautiful.  P1020419

Mikayla and her friend are the two little heads underneath the large mushroom, which squirts water when the waves start up (I think they are there waiting to be squirted!)


I love the way they put the trees in to separate the kids’ pool from the adults’ pool and the lap pools. Gives a West Coast feel to the place.

Kim’s Challenge- Well today I got one more hexagon sewn onto a square….Big deal…at this rate I will be 102 years old when I get this quilt finished…..…..couldn’t put those magazines down……


Heather from Trends and Traditions is having a FANTASTIC blog anniversary Give Away.  She has made two gorgeous quilts that she is giving away plus charm packs and patterns!!  So generous of her!  Heather is a very talented lady- she designs and publishes patterns and has a new book in the works.  Can’t wait to see it!  I’m sure it will be a lovely book as all her work is stunning!  Hurry on over to Heather’s as she is also serving cupcakes!

Finally a BIG thank you to Lizzie!  She sent me links to other sites that she thought I would like to peruse.  Lizzie, they were all so wonderful that I thought I should share the wealth….so here they are:

this shop sells Australian things online.

ENJOY!  and Happy Quilting!


  1. What a great pool! Looks like a lot of fun for the kiddos! :0)

  2. What an incredible pool. I love those magazines as well. I've found them at most quilting stores and Walmart has had them as well. So does Coles book store. I could sit for hours and look at those magazines.

  3. I am so glad I could help you out on your search for Australian blogs. I follow them daily and love them. Lizzie

  4. Thanks for sharing Lizzie's list- Paulette,
    it was fun to check out the Aussie blogs.
    I am a big fan of the Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine and for about 4 years I had a subscription to it. Now I buy it occasionally when I see it in the quilt stores or Chapters. My dearest friend V, was just in Australia and she brought me back some Aussie magazines. I was thrilled with her gift.This particular issue has a wonderful pattern by Tara S of Tazziequilts that I had hoped to find. Now I have that particular issue of the magazine and didn't have to go hunting for it. The first Aussie magazine that I ever saw was one called "Country craft" and I found it in our local library. I love the vibrant colors of their quilts and the different designs compared to the North American ones.
    I am sure your grand kids had a great time in the pool.

  5. I love the Aussie P&Q magazine too. It's so expensive here that I don't have a subscription to it and it's almost impossible to buy in the shops, so whenever I do see it I grab it, and heaven help anyone who gets in my way if it's the last one on the shelf (gg).

  6. The magazines seem good i have seen one or two Australian magazines but we don't get them here.
    The pool looks so inviting i almost wish i could jump in
    Hugs Janice

  7. There are many wonderful designers in Australia.