Saturday, August 8, 2009


News Flash!!! KIM is sick and in bed after banging off three unfinished quilting projects.....that would do it for anyone....Yesterday when she posted that she had finished her third project (and it was a really difficult, intricate, gorgeous quilt, to boot!!) and then whipped up a fruit cobbler for dinner, I almost wept!!! HOW could she get so much done??? Here I am in my 'sweat box' working on these #$#$% snowballs and it is taking me FOREVER and they aren't even intricate, difficult or nice....just boring....!!! Now you may be asking WHY I am working on something I don't like, well...l I bought this pattern and fabric about 6 years ago for a quilt to put on the 5th wheel's couch. It needed to be dark, in browns, greens and mauve-none of which 'are my colours'. AND I had never done snowballs ( corrections $%$^%^ snowballs)- a bad combination. I know I had vowed to have this puppy finished by today -I believe I had told Kim that I would work all night if I had to....and I did....well I shut down at 10:30 PM.... (When you hit 50 years old, 10:30 is the new all nighter....) So today is a new day for this old and tired quilter.....bring on those %%$# snowballs!!! And KIM, I hope your feeling better soon......

Just need to sew the rows together and put on borders! Whooopeeee!!!!

ON another note:

Look at what Cheryl at Polka Dots and Rick Rack is giving away!! Too adorable! She is celebrating two wonderful years of blogging so hurry on over to put your name in because you just might win!


  1. Look at how much you've gotten done!! Way to go! Hopefully the sewing together and borders will go more quickly for you! :0)

    Note to self: Never make a quilt pattern I don't like out of fabrics I don't like! Especially not #$#$% snowballs!! LOL

  2. You've done really well. It's hard working on something that no longer inspires you, but you've stuck at it and you're almost done. Well done.

  3. I'm about to undertake a project I don't like using fabric I don't like. Obviously this quilt will not be for me. Why oh why did I say "yes"??????????

  4. Good on you on working with fabrics that do not inspire you. Get well soon Kim
    And Cheryls doll is oh so very cute!

  5. You got so much done and good luck on getting the quilt done. I know it is hard to work with fabric whick we do not like, but you might just turn around and fell in love with the finished quilt. Have a great sewing time!

  6. You done much more than i have done lately, i know the feeling of not wanting to do something if it either one we don't like or if it too big in my case well you soon have it finished & then you can sit back & rest it a nice one by the way
    Hugs Janice