Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Gloves Are ON.....


Before I start today's blog, I must wish my daughter, Maggie, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! She turns 27 today....hard to believe but true. This spring, Maggie received her Laws Degree and we are so proud of her. She works so hard, always striving to do her very best. The best thing about Maggie is- she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Have a good one, Mags! (In the picture Maggie is with her boyfriend Toby- no Toby is not a 'little person'. They are 'roughly' the same height, both are 6'4" but Maggie has on high heels!)


Well, it's a new day but...alas....the same old project. I am still slugging it out with my 5 year old beige flower applique quilt top BUT I think I will be victorious in the end! Flower Power will win out over the corruption of the outside world....ie. quilting something NEW and exciting.....sigh...

I need to share a new product with you that actually works. While at the Road to California Quilt Show, last January, a lady was doing an applique demo and she was promoting this product. Is it just me, or does anyone else out in blogland get suckered into these demo/sales gimmicks? She made it look so easy - just a dab of this glue to hold down the turned edges of the applique and a dab more to hold it in place on you quilt top....NO BASTING!! Sounded and looked good during the demo....well let me tell you IT WORKS! No basting and my machine just zoomed through it. Finally something that I have bought that looks and performs like a demo! It is called "Glue-Baste-It"...catchy name...but that's what it does, so why knock it? If you applique, give it a try.

I had turned this bottle so that it was standing but something happened between going from there to here.....I am NO computer whiz...or had you guessed that already?

Also, I am free motion quilting inside each flower. I usually use these big quilting gloves that work but they are clumsy and baggy so I got out a new pair of gardening gloves (the kind that you buy at Costco, 6 pairs in a package) and they work WAY better than anything I've tried before! AND you get 6 pairs for the price of 1 quilting glove! So now you can quilt for awhile, then go outside and pull a few weeds and then go back to quilting all without removing your gloves! ;o)

Yesterday I mentioned that I go for poopy walks - no it was not a typo error....I figure if I have to scoop ANYTHING while I walk, then it is only fair to call it poopy walks.

NOW for the good part....Did you know that the Texan and Carol are both having pattern GIVE-AWAYS! They have been cleaning out their sweat rooms and no longer need/want these patterns. They are great patterns and several have my name on them!


Finally, I wanted to share a 'good find' - My gravy boat broke last Christmas and I have had my eye open for one ever since... BUT it had to go with my everyday set of dishes as well as my good set. What do you thing? Perfect or what? Look at that BIG handle....perfect for those big hands...(what can I say, I have man hands!)

Now for the REALLY good part- only 50 cents!!! As Martha would say "It's a good thing"!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I loved the part when you go out and pull some weeds, and quilt again with your great gloves! Well, my quilting gloves are black garden gloves so they don't even look dirty after the gardening.
    The gravy boat looks very nice, reminds me of the Moomin characters.

  2. Ahh yes I have that glue baste too. It does work pretty good! I was happy with it :o)

  3. I'll have to try that glue baste. I usually don't buy something like that unless I know a few people have used it and it works. My downfall at quilt shows are fat quarters.

    Have a wonderful day.

  4. That is a good deal on the gravy boat! And it would go good with my former dishes! Also, I am quite sure that I have that Johnson Bros. plate that it is sitting on! Have a happy day!

  5. A very beautiful gravy boat -and what a deal..Paulette,
    Good luck with your quilt project-Keep on going and you will finish it-
    I will have to keep an eye out for the glue baste.
    Warmest regards,

  6. Love the gloves and gravy boat. Love the glue tube too!
    Have a very happy birthday

  7. Happy birthday to your daughter.

    Keep slogging away at that quilt and it will be finished soon.

    The gravy boat was a really good deal wasn't it?

  8. PS my word verification thingy was roastegy - never tried roast eggs. Fried, boiled, scrambled, but never roast. I guess you could have them with gravy and use your new gravy boat then?

  9. Please wish your DD a Very Happy Birthday, love the gravy boat.
    I am not one for doing free motion quilting not that i don't like it i just not got the courage up to try i still do stitch in the ditch & diagonal ones lol the gloves look great trying to find some of the lovely items that you have over there is hard here in the UK we still in the dark ages well at least a few years behind in crafts lol
    Hugs Janice